Courses in Intellectual Property Law

  • Copyright Law
  • Foundations of Intellectual Property Law Seminar
  • Intellectual Property
  • Intellectual Property Licensing
  • International Intellectual Property Law
  • Patent Law
  • Patent Law Practice
  • Patent Litigation
  • Trademark Law
  • Trademark Law Practice
  • Trade Secrets Law

Courses in Technology Law

  • Artificial Intelligence and the Law
  • Biotechnology Law
  • Business Planning, Entrepreneurship, and Technology
  • Cyberspace and Law
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy Regulation
  • Information Law
  • Telecommunications Law

Other Innovation Law Courses

  • Commercializing New Technologies
  • Food and Drug Law
  • Law and Economics
  • Law, Entertainment and Social Enterprise Practicum
  • Law and Entrepreneurship
For descriptions of the above courses, please see the Registrar's page.