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Small and Midsize Firms Directory

This directory consists of small and mid-size law firms in the Pittsburgh area (firms with 40 or less attorneys). The directory continues to change and evolve - if during the course of your job search you discover that data has changed, please notify the Career Services Office and we will update the database.

This directory is merely a listing of small/mid-size law firms in the Pittsburgh area. These firms have not posted jobs with the Career Services Office at this time and are not necessarily looking for either part-time or full-time help at this time. We caution students that this directory is not all inclusive. Students should also make use of other resources--including Martindale Hubbell-- to identify employers of interest in the Pittsburgh area and in other locations.

You can search the directory by keyword, or just browse the listings. The keyword search is particularly useful for matching Firm Names, Contact Names, and Practice Areas. For example, if you are searching for a firm that practiced environmental law, you might search for the term 'environmental'. If you are searching for a firm called 'Smith & Jones, LLC', you might try searching for either 'Smith' or 'Jones'.

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Firm Name Number of Attorneys Area(s) of Practice
Abes Baumann, PC 7 Personal Injury, SS Disability, WC (plaintiff only), Veterans Benefits
Abramovitz & Cymerman, LLC 2 Business, Collections, Civil Practice, Family Law
Adams & Foley LLC 2 Civil litigation (trial and appellate), governmental and municipal law, contract law, retail practice, commercial and construction law
Ainsman Levine & Drexler LLC 7 Civil litigation and healthcare subrogation and collections; personal injury
Akman & Associates, PC 4 Criminal, family, consumer and bankruptcy, general practice
Alexander Bunson & Associates 2 Real Estate Law/Estate Planning/Patent
Allegheny Attorneys at Law AAAL 3 Real Estate, closings, and criminal law
Allegheny Law Associates 1 Civil and Criminal Practice
Alpern & Schubert 4 Personal Injury, Litigation, Social Security, Worker's Compensation, Medical Malpractice
Andracki Law Offices 4 Civil & Commercial Litigation, Insurance Law
Anstandig McDyer & Yurcon, PC 5 Insurance Defense and Coverage, Fidelity and Surety. Directors and Officers Insurance Law. Casualty, Toxic Torts and Occupational Disease, Health Insurance Law, Products Liability, Personal Injury, Employment Law, Commercial Torts.
Attorney Henry H. Wallace 1 Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice
Bacharach & Klein 3 Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Wills & Estates, Family Law, Public Law, Business Law
Balzarini & Watson 4 Personal Injury, Trial Practice, Products Liability, Medical Malpractice
Baumann Bunde Mulroy & Schultz 6 Family Law
Begler Group 1 Arbitration/Mediation Practice, Organizational Development
Behrend & Ernsberger, PC 5 Insurance, Medical & Dental Malpractice, Personal Injury, Employment Law, Real Estate, Immigration Law, Patent Law, American Disability Act, Product Injury, Family Law, Divorce, Tax Litigation, Business Law
Beier, Beier & Beier 4

Personal Injury; Equine Law; Real Estate; Family Law

Bentz Law Firm, PC 8

Business Representation; Corporate Law; Commercial Law; Construction Law; Surety and Fidelity Law; Business Litigation; Estate Planning; Estate and Trust Administration; Employment Law; Bankruptcy; Creditors' Rights; Non Profit Representation

Berger & Lagnese, LLC 3 Medical Malpractice; Personal Injury
Berger and Green PC 9 Social Security Disability and Personal Injury
Bernstein Associates, PC 1 Family Law
Bernstein Law Firm, PC 13

Creditors' Rights; Bankruptcy & Restructuring; Business Law

Beroes Law Center 2 Family Practice, General Practice, Criminal and Personal Injury
Betts, Hull & Klodowski LLC 3 Environmental compliance and litigation
Biancheria & Maliver, P.C. 2 Medical malpractice (Plaintiffs)
Blaufeld Schiller & Holmes 4 Workers' Compensation, Social Security and Disability Law
Blumling & Gusky, LLP 30 Construction, Surety, Environmental and Real Estate Development, Business Ventures, Maritime and Riverboad Gambling
Bootay & Bevington LLP 3

Title Insurance and Settlement Services; Real Estate Development; Business; Wills, Estate Planning and Probate; Labor and Employment; Civil Litigation; Criminal Defense

Boyle & Miller 3

Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Family Law, Landlord Tenant, Tax Law, Wills, School Law, Estate Trusts, Legal Forms

Brandt Milnes & Rea, PC 5 General Civil Practice, Corporate, Probate, Insurance, Real Estate, Municipal Law, Zoning and Subdivision
Brennan Robins & Daley PC 6 Business development, commercial law & litigation, estate planning and probate, real estate and real estate tax assessments and personal injury litigation
C. Leon Sherman & Associates, PC 3

Insurance Coverage Litigation, Utilities, Personal Injury/Product Liability, Contracts & Business Dispute Litigation, Construction Litigation

Cain, Ackerman & McCormick 4 Civil Practice, Real Estate
Calaiaro & Corbett 2 Bankruptcy, Personal Injury Cases, Insurance, Taxation, Construction Law, Real Estate, Contract Disputes
Campbell & Levine, LLC 17

Asbestos Reorganizations, Section 524(g) Trusts, Fraudulent Transfer Litigation, Healthcare Insolvency, Steel and Coal Insolvency, Retail Insolvency

Campbell Durrant 10

Labor and Employment Law, Municipal/School Law, Administrative Law, Appellate Law

Caplan & Chester 2 General Civil Practice
Carl A. Parise & Associates 1 DUIs
Caroselli Beachler McTiernan & Conboy 17

Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation, Social Security

Carpenter, McCadden & Lane LLP 6 Workers' Compensation
Charles A. Knoll Jr & Associates 1 Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice, Criminal Trial Practice including DUI, Civil Trials and Appeals, Commercial Transactions, Business, Family Law, Support, Custody, Municipal and Zoning Law
Chiurazzi and Mengine, LLC 4

General Practice - Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Collection Law, Commercial Law, Construction Law, Corporate and LLC Start-Up, Decedents Estates, Employment Law, Labor Law, Landlord-Tenant, Probate, Social Security, Workers' Compensation, Disability Claims

Chontos & Chontos P.C. 2 Criminal Defense Litigation and Family Law
Chromulak & Associates 5 Commercial and consumer collections practice
Cilli & Perotta, PC 4

Personal Injury, Social Security, Workers' Compensation, Contract Litigation, Commercial Transactions, Real Estate, Employment Law, Estates and Trusts

Cindrich & Associates 2 Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation, Estate Planning & Administration, Family Law, Criminal Defense, Entertainment, Sports and Leisure Law
Cipriani & Werner PC 20

Construction, Dram Shop Liability, Estate Planning, General Litigation, Insurance Defense, Labor/Employment, Medical Malpractice, Motor Carrier, Motor Vehicle, Premises Liability, Product Liability, Professional Liability, Professional Licensure, Securities Litigation, Workers' Compensation

Cohen Law Group


Whistleblower Litigation - False Claims Acts, Private Class Actions, Securities Fraud, Consumer Protection Litigation

Cohen, Seglias, Pallas, Greenhall & Furman, PC


Construction Law

Colarusso & Cohen, LLC 2

Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation, Social Security Claims

Cole & Hens-Greco, PC 2 Personal Injury & Torts, Estates & Trusts, Mediation, Guardianship, General Practice, Litigation, Products Liability, Bankruptcy, Insurance, Civil Rights
Cook & Tate 4

Bankruptcy, Estate Planning and Probate Administration, Family Law, Business Creation/Formation, Real Estate Litigation

Cooper & Ziegler 2 Mediation, Arbitration and Select Civil and Criminal Litigation
Cooper Owen & Renner, PC 5 General Practice
Counsel to Counsel LLC 2 Catastrophic personal injury, products liability, commercial litigation and class actions
Covelli Law Offices 3

Auto Accidents, Serious Accidents, Slips and Falls, Accidental Deaths, General Practice, Corporate and Business, Estate Planning and Probate, Estate Settlement and Wills, Divorce/Support/Custody, Real Estate Closings, Bankruptcy Counseling, Elder Law Care

Cutruzzula & Nalducci 2 Personal Injury Litigation, Civil Litigation
Daffner & Associates, PC 1

Criminal Defense, Tax Law and Defense, Immigration Defense, Corporate Litigation, Tax Preparation Services

Damian & Damian, PC 2 Municipal, Personal Injury, Wills and Estates
Daniel & Kasbee 2 General Practice, Family Law, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Administration of Estates
Dapper Baldasare Benson Behling & Kane, PC 14

Employment Law, Insurance Defense, Commercial Litigation, Workers' Compensation

Datillo & Associates, P.C. 2 Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Automobile Liability, Product Liability, Negligence
David L. Lichtenstein, PC 2 General Practice
Davies, McFarland & Carroll PC 16

Business/Commercial Litigation, Product Litigation, Civil Litigation, Insurance Defense, Workers' Compensation/Employers' Liability, Toxic/Environmental Law, Medical Malpractice/Professional Liability & Misconduct Claims, Business/Estate Planning, Mediation/Arbitration

Davis Davis Attorneys 4 Banking, Financing, Bankruptcy, Tax, Commercial, Consumer, Creditor's Rights, Corporate, Real Estate, Multi-State Transactions, Probate and Estate, General Civil Practice, Trials and Appeals in all Courts
DeAngelis, Dastur & Associates 3

Workers' Compensation, Social Security Disability, Wills and Estates, Environmental Exposure, Job Related Injuries, Weekly Benefits, Lump Sum Settlements, Right to Medical Care

Deer & Associates 1 Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Commercial Leases, Commercial Buy/Sell Agreements, Contracts, Real Estate, Insurance, Workers' Compensation, Bankruptcy, Criminal, Estate, Landlord & Tenant
DeForest Koscelnik Yokitis Skinner & Berardinelli


Litigation, Technology Law, Labor and Employment, Higher Education, Antitrust, White Collar, Criminal Defense

Dell Moser Lane & Loughney LLC 15

Amusement and Leisure Defense Litigation, Civil Rights/Public Sector Defense Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Construction Litigation, Employment Litigation, Insurance Litigation, Premises Liability, Product Liability, Tort Defense, Workers' Compensation

DeMarco & Negle, LLP 5

Taxation, Estate, Corporate, and Real Estate Representation; Business and Criminal Law Litigation

Dennis J. O'Brien & Associates 1 State/Federal cause of action, Civil and General Practice
DiBella Geer McAllister Best 7

Civil Litigation - Appellate Practice, Arson Fraud, Claims and Litigation, Automobile Liability, Commercial, Construction, Coverage Disputes, Employment, Environmental, Fire Insurance, First Party Property Claims, Life Insurance, Product Liability, Subrogation, Third Party Insurance, Toxic Torts, Transportation Law, ERISA

Diefenderfer Hoover & Wood 2 Litigation and Estate Tax
DiPaolo & Russo 3 Estates, Personal Injury, Divorce, Real Estate
Dodaro Matta & Cambest, PC 5 Municipal Litigation, Banking, Business
Donald Mazzotta, Attorney at Law 1 General Law Practice and Debt Collection
Dornish & Scolieri, PC 4

Business, Real Estate, Title Insurance, Insurance, Litigation, Personal Injury, Construction, Estate Planning and Administration

Ducote & Associates 2 Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence
Dudash & Associates, PC 1 Workers' Compensation Defense
Dugan & Associates 3 Workers' Compensation, Social Security Disability, Personal Injury
Eddy, DeLuca, Gravina, & Townsend 5 General and Defense
Edgar Snyder & Associates, LLC 27 Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation, Social Security
Elliott & Davis, PC 11

Arts & Entertainment Law, Civil Litigation, Civil Rights Law, Commercial Litigation, Corporate Law, Domain Names Disputes, Domestic Relations Law, Elder Law, Employment Law, Estates and Trusts, International Law, Nonprofit Law, Personal Injury Law, Real Estate Law, Technology Law, Trademark Services, Workers' Compensation Law

Epstein Tabor & Schorr 1 Financial, CPA firm
Family Legal Center 2

Family Law, Estate Planning, Probate, Wills/Powers of Attorney/Living Wills

Feldstein Grinberg Stein & McKee 19

Business Planning, Family Business Law, Estate Planning & Administration, Business and Commercial Litigation, Family Law, Personal Injury/Malpractice, Real Estate

Ference & Associates


Patents, trademarks, designs, copyright and other aspect of intellectual property, in all areas of science and technology.

Fieschko & Associates 1 Class Actions for Overtime Wages, Personal Injury, Worker's Compensation, Social Security Disability and Bankruptcy
Fives & Duchene 2 Real estate, business corporate, criminal defense/dui, bankruptcy, injury and insurance claims, liquor license, estate planning/wills
Flaherty Fardo, LLC


Personal Injury, Truck & Auto Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Slip & Fall, Nursing Home Neglect, Workplace Injury, Busines Litigation, Debt Collection, Property Tax Appeals, Civil Rights, Civil Litigation

Frank Bails Murcko Gubinsky & Gale PC 9

Family Law, Real Estate, Estates and Trusts, Federal and State Campaign Finance Law, Appellate Practice

Friday Porta Cox & Ward 5

Workers Compensation, Car Accidents, Premises Liability, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Negligence, SSD/SSI, Maritime Accidents, Industrial/Construction/Mining Accidents, Fire/Police/Corrections/Accidents

Fried Law Offices 1 employment law, civil rights, consumer, utility law, elder law, contract disputes, contractor and sub-contractor issues
Fried, Kane, Walters, Zuschlag & Grochmal 8 Workers' Compensation Law
Friedman & Friedman 4 Civil litigation, Employment Discrimination, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice
Fujitsu Contracts Administrator, Consulting firm for information technology, placement service
Gaitens Tucceri & Nicholas, PC 8 General Civil and Criminal Practice in all Courts, Corporation, Family, Probate, Labor, Municipal, Real Estate, Legal, Medical Malpractice, Products Liability, Personal Injury and Insurance Defense Law, Trials and Appeals
Gary W. Short 1 Debt Relief, Business Reorganization, Home Protection
Gelman & Reisman, PC 2 Civil Trial Practice, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Alcoholic Beverage Law, Real Estate, Family Law
Gentile, Horoho & Avalli, P.C.


Family Law, Estates & Trusts

Geraghty & Associates, PC 5

Real Property Law, Business Services, Litigation

Gilardi Cooper & Lomupo, PA 5

Personal Injury, Product Liability, Auto Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Workers Compensation, Social Security, FELA and Railroad Retirement, Industrial Accidents, Labor Law

Gillotti Capristo & Beck 6 Family Law - Alimony, Child Support, Contested Valuation of Businesses and Practices, Custody & Visitation, Divorce, Postnuptial & Separation Agreements, Prenuptial & Cohabitation Agreements, Property Division, Spousal Support
Gismondi & Associates 4 Plaintiffs Personal Injury
Goehring Rutter & Boehm 27

Litigation in Business Dispute, Defense of Personal Injury Claims, Employment Law, Real Estate/Construction Litigation, School/Municipal, Estates/Trusts; Business Law; Estate Planning & Administration; Financial Institutions; Family Law; Creditor's Rights; Land Use; Real Estate; School & Municipal Law; The Community

Goldberg, Persky & White 32

Personal Injury, Asbstos & Mesothelioma Lawsuits, Medical Malpractice, Products Liability Law, Occupational Injury/Workers' Compensation, Social Security Disability, Bad Faith Insurance Claims, Discrimination Claims, Eminent Domain, Employment Law, Negligent Security Claims

Goldblum Sablowsky LLC 2 Litigation, Tax, Estate Planning/Elder Law, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Business Services
Goldman, Schafer & Spear, PC 5

Employment Law, Securities Litigation

Goldsmith & Ogrodowski, LLC 4

Maritime Claims and Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Business Formation, Personal Injury Litigation, Marine and Commercial Insurance Coverage Opinions and Litigation, Maritime and Non-Maritime Contract Preparation and Negotiation, Maritime Administrative Proceedings,

Goldstein & Associates 3 Immigration and Naturalization Law, International Business
Goldstein, Heslop, Steele, Clapper & Oswalt 7 Civil litigation, real estate, business/corporate, estate matters
Goodrich & Goodrich 6

Personal Injury, Workers Compensation

Grant Street Group 1 Commercial, intellectual property (patent), licensing, litigation
Greenfield & Kraut 2 Civil and Criminal Trial Practice
Grenen & Birsic, PC 13

Creditor Rights, Banking, Bankruptcy, Corporate Law, Business Law, Real Estate, Commercial Litigation, Trial and Appellate Practice in State and Federal Courts

Greystone Legal Associates PC 1

Eminent Domain/Zoning, Non-Compete Agreements, Firearms Licensing & Transfers, Fraud/Breach of Fiduciary Duty/Unfair Competition, Contract Disputes, Warranty Claims, Wrongful Discharge/Termination, RICO Claims and Defense, Wage and Hour Claims, Business/Corporate Disputes, Individual Tort/Personal Injury, Automobile Lemon Law Claims

Grogan Graffam 25 Litigation and commercial law, tort and casualty, maritime law, employment law
Grossinger Gordon & Vatz 3

Family Law, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Labor & Employment Law, Union Representation, Criminal Defense, DUI/Drunk Driving, Wills & Estate Planning

H.A. English & Associates 1 Elder Law
Hal K. Waldman & Associates 2

Personal Injury, Civil Litigation

Harry Paras, PC 1 civil litigation, auto liability, premises liability, products liability, construction litigation, toxic substance and asbestos litigation and medical malpractice.
Hergenroeder Rega & Sommer 14

Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Litigation, Business Counseling

Hirshman Law, LLC


Intellectual Property

Hollinshead Mendelson Bresnahan & Nixon 5 Real Estate, Litigation, Eminent Domain, Property Tax, Probate, Business Litigation
Homyak Law Firm 2

Animal Attack, Liquor Liability, Medical Malpractice, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Premises Liability, Product Liability, Workplace Injuries

Horty Springer & Mattern 16 Health Law
Houston Harbaugh 36

Business Law, Construction Law, Employment Law, Estate Planning & Wealth Management, Health Care Law, Litigation, Real Estate & Finance

Howard F. Messer, PC 3

Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Medical Malpractice, Legal Malpractice

Jacob Law Associates 3 Estates
James Lange & Associates 2 Estate and Tax, Estate Planning, Estate Administration
JBM Immigration Group, LLC 2 Immigration law
John A. Caputo & Associates


Personal injury, death, general civil litigation

John E. Gabriel & Associates


Employment, Real Estate

John Knorr Law 1 Defense, Criminal Trials in all State and Federal Courts, Family Law including Custody and Support, all Motor Vehicle Violations
Jon C. Botula & Associates 1 General Practice
Jones Gregg Creehan & Gerace 16 General Civil Trial Practice, Insurance Litigation including Property, Arson and Fraud Litigation, Personal Injury Litigation, Commercial and Consumer Real Estate and Banking Law, Labor Law, Fidelity and Surety, Probate and Estate Planning and Admiralty
Joshua Bloom & Associates, PC 3 General Practice
Joyce & Bittner 2 Plaintiffs Personal Injury, Criminal Defense
Jubelirer Pass & Intrieri, PC 8

Personal Injury, Family, Employment Education and General Litigation

Kacvinsky LLC 4 Intellectual property, including patents, trademark, copyright, trade secret and unfair competition.
Karlowitz Cromer & Flaherty, PC 4 Banking, Commercial and Business Law, Bankruptcy, Litigation, Real Estate, Personal Injury
Karsh & Associates 1 Criminal Defense, Family Law
Keating Law Firm, PC 1 Civil Litigation, Creditor's Rights, Subrogation
Kelly Hayden, LLC 7 Defense litigation, labor & employment law, FELA; OSHA; health law, corporate law, commercial litigation, media law
King & King 1 General Civil Practice in all State and Federal Courts, Corporate, Real Estate, Probate and Family Law, Litigation
Kisner Law Firm 1 Employment Law and Civil Litigation.
Klett & Associates 1 General Practice
Kowall & Standish 1 Family Law
Kratz Quintos & Hanson LLP 2 Patent Law
Lamberton Law Firm, LLC 1 Plaintiff's Employment Rights Practice
Law Office of Alan Patterson 1 General Practice
Law Office of Alfred G. Yates, Jr. PC 3 General Civil Practice in State and Federal Courts, consumer and securities class actions; some estate, probate and estate planning.
Law Office of Brooke B. McMorrow 1 Family Divorce, Custody, Child Support and Adoption, Criminal & DUI, Wills, Estates, Trusts Civil Litigation
Law Office of C. Donald Gates 2 General Practice
Law Office of Caroline M. Roberto 1 Criminal Law
Law Office of Christy Foreman 1 Primarily criminal defense with some family, estates and civil. Trial and  appellate work.
Law Office of Claudia Davidson


Union side labor, plaintiff's employment and employment related law

Law Office of Craig E. Simpson 1 Attorney Discipline Defense; Attorney Fee Disputes; Bar Admissions and Professional Licensing; Judicial Discipline; Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility
Law Office of David Eckle 2 general practice
Law Office of Edward L. Kochuba, Jr. P.C. 1 Real Estate, Wills
Law Office of Ernest Simon 1 General Practice
Law Office of Frank R. Fleming, III 1 Civil Litigation, Plaintiffs and Defendants Personal Injury, Insurance and Products Liability Law
Law Office of Helen R. Kotler 2

Civil rights and employment law, and other related areas such as Social Security disability.

Law Office of James E. Depasquale 1

Plaintiff's Personal Injury, including Medical Malpractice, Premises Liability, Insurance Bad Faith, Criminal Defense, including Homicide, Narcotics, Drugs, White Collar Crimes, Driving While Intoxicated, Felonies and Misdemeanors.

Law Office of Jerome Kiger 2 Personal Injury and Litigation
Law Office of Joan Shoemaker 1

Estates and Trusts, Preparation of Special Needs Trusts, Probate Court involving Adoption, Guardianships; Litigation

Law Office of John Elash 1 Criminal Defense
Law Office of Keith R. Mason 2 Insurance Defense, Workers' Compensation. Staff Counsel for the Hartford Group
Law Office of Krista S. Martin, LLC 1 Consumer bankruptcy and social security
Law Office of Linda Sekely & Associates 1 Estate Law and Elder Law
Law Office of Mark R. Sullivan 1 Real estate, corporate, contracts, collections, general transaction work, family corporations
Law Office of Michael Bruzzese 1 Civil Litigation, Personal Injury Plaintiff/Defendant, Employment, Commercial Dispute
Law Office of Michael C. George 1 Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Workers' Compensation and Criminal Law, DUI
Law Office of Paul D. Boas 1 Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Defense
Law Office of Richard T. Haft 1 Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Family Law
Law Office of Stanton D. Levenson 1

Defense:federal and state prosecution for white-collar fraud, embezzlement or complex corporate crimes, or sex, drug or violent crimes

Law Office of Thomas J. Dempsey 1 Trials and Appeals, Personal Injury, Products Liability and Eminent Domain, Construction Litigation, General Practice, Guardianship
Law Offices of Charles J. Hilton 1 Contract Law, workers' compensation, ERISA, Creditor's rights, collection
Law Offices of Charles S. Warren 1 General Practice
Law Offices of George Bills and Sally Frick 2 Criminal Law
Law Offices of Michael D. Seymour 1 Wills, Estate Planning and Estate Administration, Elder Law, Municipal Law, Real Estate, Business Law, Workers Compensation,Insurance Defense Law, Subrogation
Law Offices of Ron Koerner 1 General Practice
Law Offices of Ronald H. Heck 1 Medical Malpractice, Family Law, Estate
Law Offices of Stanley Fudor 1 General Practice, Criminal Law, family, personal injury, bankruptcy, creditor right's, estate planning
Lebovitz & Lebovitz, PA 3

Personal injury, business, wills and estates, divorce and family, real estate

Leech Tishman Fuscaldo & Lampl 30 Litigation, bankruptcy, employment, general corporate, tax, estates and trust
Leger & Ball, PC 3

Real Estate;  Personal Injury;  Corporate Business;  Accident Attorneys

Lentchner & Associates 1 Wills and Estates, Real Estate
Levicoff, Silko & Deemer, PC 9 Civil Trial and Appellate Practice in State and Federal Courts, Insurance Defense and Coverage, Fidelity and Surety, Directors and Officers Insurance Law, Causality, Toxic Torts and Occupational Disease
Lewis & Sargent, LLC 3 Commercial, business, civil litigation; estate planning and  real estate.  
Lewis, Lewis & Reilly 4

Injury claims; DUI/DAI Drunk Driving, State & Federal Criminal Cases; Workers Compenstation and Work Place Injuries

Lieber & Hammer, PC 3 Family;  civil rights; business and commercial law; environmental law
Lindner Law Offices 1 Legal ethics and professional responsibility, attorney discipline, bar admissions and professional licensing.
Lisa Marie Vari & Associates PC 4 PA Family Law
Litman Law Firm 2 Trial and Appellate Practice, Arbitration and Mediation; Commercial Litigation; Employment Law; Federal Civil Litigation
Loughren Loughren & Loughren 3 General Practice, Medical Malpractice
Lovett Bookman Harman Marks, LLP 9 Trust and estates
Lynch Weis, LLC 7 Business and corporate law, employment law counseling and litigation, commercial litigation and estate planning and administration and real estate.
Lynn E. MacBeth & Associates PC 2 Family law, mediation, mediation training, employment discrimination
Macey and Aleman NULL Bankruptcy
Maiello Brungo & Maiello 10 School Law, Corporate Law, Labor and Employment, Estate Planning, and Litigation
Malone Middleman, PC 15 Civil litigation, personal injury, products liability, medical malpractice, workers' compensation insurance defense, banking, real estate, bankruptcy, contract litigation
Manion McDonough & Lucas, PC 9 General Practice, Corporate Litigation, Business Law, Commercial Litigation, Labor Law and Age Discrimination
Mansmann & Moore 4 Personal Injury, Social Security Disability
Marcus & Shapira, LLP 23 Commercial Litigation, Corporate Law, Estates & Trusts, Labor Law, Personal Injury, Real Estate Law, Workers' Compensation
Margolis Edelstein 20 Insurance Defense, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, General Corporate, Real Estate, Securities, Estates and Trusts, Workers' Compensation, Bankruptcy, Debtor/Creditor Rights, Matrimonial, Toxic Torts, Labor and Liquor Liability Law. (This is a Philly b
Marks, O'Neill, O'Brien & Courtney, PC 9 Defense Litigation representing Corporations, Carriers and Individual Insureds
Maron Pierce 4 Mass Tort Litigation
Matis Baum Rizza & O'Connor 12 General Trial and Civil Practice, Appeals, Toxic Torts, Insurance Defense, Products Liability, Professional Malpractice, Environmental
Maurice A. Nernberg & Associates 3 Civil Litigation, some estate work, possible real estate work, contract disputes, arbitrations
May Law Group, LLC 2 U.S. Immigration Law
McCann Garland Ridall & Burke


Business and Commercial Law, General Practice in all State and Federal Courts, Finance Law, Equipment Leasing Law, Corporation Law, Asset Based Lending, Closely Held Businesses, Secured Transaction Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Contract Law, Litigation,

McCarthy McDonald Schulberg & Joy 6 Family Law
McCloskey & Fritsch, PC 3 Insurance defense
McGrathLaw Group 5 Business, Banking, Commercial Litigation, Real Estate
McKenna & Associates 3 Personal injury, both plaintiff and defense, real estate and business litigation
McKenna & Curtin LLP


Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Domestic Relations, Civil Rights, Employment, Probate, Estate Planning, Corporations and Zoning Law

McMeekin & Volovich 2 General Practice
Mercer & Mercer 1 Civil Trial Practice, Negligence, Personal Injury, Motor Vehicle, Products Liability, Medical Malpractice, Insurance Defense
Metz Lewis LLC 29 Corporate and Commercial, Employment and Benefits, Intellectual Property and Technology, Litigation, Tax and Financial Planning
Meyer Darragh Buckler Bebenek & Eck, PLLC 25 Appellate, Commerical Litigation, Business Practice, Estates, Insurance Defense, Workers' Compensation; Mediation & Arbitration; Motor Vehicle, & Criminal Law; Municipal Law, Civil Rights; Labor & Employment Law, Products Liability, Aviation Law
Meyers Giuffre Evans & Schwarzwaelder, LLC 6 Medical Malpractice, Auto Accidents, Personal Injury
Michael B. Greenstein 1 Divorce and family law
Mills & Henry 6 Litigation, Real Estate
Moran & Moran, PC 2 General Practice, Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice, Wills, Estate
Morella & Associates, PC 12 Corporate and Business Representation, Estate Planning and Administration, International Tax Planning, Tax Planning and Dispute Resolution Litigation
Morton B. DeBroff & Associates 2 General Practice
Moschetta Law Firm, PC 2 Personal injury law firm concentrating on admiralty/maritime litigation
Murphy Taylor, PC 3 Litigation
Murray Hogue & Lannis 5 Litigation, Corporate, Insurance, Product Liability, Commercial Transactions
Nagel & Associates 2 International, Business Law
Nigro & Associates 1 General Practice
Notaro & Associates 3 Family Law
O'Brien Rulis & Bochicchio 12 Workers' Compensation
Ogg, Murphy & Perkosky


Medical Malpractice, Birth Injuries, Spinal Cord Injuries, Catastrophic Injuries, Car & Truck Accidents, Employment Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Wages, Hour & Overtime; Wrongful Termination

Orie & Zivic 8 General Practice
Paladin Law Offices 4 Estates, family law and civil litigation
Papernick & Gefsky, LLC 9 General, Civil and Trial Practice in all Courts, Real Estate, Banking, Probate and Corporation Law
Parrish Law Offices 1 Science law, biotechnology, research misconduct and related intellectual property issues
Patberg Carmody & Ging 5 Plaintiff's litigation
Paul A. Beck & Associates 3 Copyrights, IP, Licensing, Patents, Trademarks
Paul J. Gitnik & Associates, LLC 1 Estate Planning & Administration, Business Law, Real Estate, Municipal, Health Plan Subrogation (law office also in Erie, PA)
Paul M. Goltz, Esq. 1 General Practice
Pecori & Pecori 2 Person Injury, General Practice
Phillips and Boring, P.C. 3 Real Estate and Bankruptcy Law
Picadio Sneath Miller & Norton 12 Insurance Coverage, Environmental Law, Litigation, Commercial Litigation
Poerio & Walter, Inc. 4 Workers' Compensation
Pollock Begg Komar Glasser, LLC 16 Family Law, Estate Planning
Portnoy & Quinn, LLC 4 Personal Injury
Pribanic & Pribanic, LLC 11 Plaintiff litigation firm (including personal injury)
Price & Associates 1 Wills and estates, litigation and appeals, personal injury, real estate
Rabner Law Offices, P.C. 2 Litigation of personal injury and criminal matters.
Raphael Ramsden Behers, PC


Family Law

Reich, Alexander & Demas 6 Criminal, Civil Trial, Domestic Relations, Sports Law, Estate Planning, Personal Injury and General Business Law
Richards & Richards, LLP 5 Medical and Legal Malpractice, Personal Injury, Corporate, Real Estate, and Estate Planning
Riley Hewitt, Wittey & Romano 8 Estate Planning, Family Law, Personal Injury, Real Esate Law, Worker's Compensation, Asbestos
Robb Leonard Mulvihill 20 General Practice, General Negligence, Insurance, Corporation, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Workers' Compensation and Municipal Law, Environmental, Toxic and Directors and Officers Liability
Robert P. Costello & Associates 1 Criminal, tort, real estate
Robert Peirce & Associates 10

Employment rights; food poisoning;meothelioma;nursing home abuse/neglect; personal injury; prescription drug claims; railroad law; social security liability; workers compensation

Robert Vincler & Associates, LLC 1 Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice, Criminal Trial Practice including  DUI, Civil Trials and Appeals, Commercial Transactions, Business, Family Law, Support, Custody, Municipal and Zoning Law
Roger Wise & Associates, LLC 2 Wills, Estates, Elder Law, Civil Litigation, Mediation & Arbitration
Rosen Louik & Perry 7 Medical malpractice and serious personal injury cases
Rothman Gordon, PC 29 Alternative Dispute Resolution; Business Corporate; Commercial Real Estate;   Estates, Trusts & Taxation; Health Care and Physician Practice; Labor & Employment; Litigation; Workers' Compensation/Social Security Disability
Rudberg Law Offices 6 Personal Injury, Worker's Compensation, and Social Security Disability
Rudov & Stein, P.C. 2 Creditors' Rights, Bankruptcy and Insolvency (Creditors and Debtors), Collections, State and Federal Civil Trial Practice, Commercial Litigation and Commercial Landlord-Tenant
Schiffman Wojdowski 5 Personal Injury
Sciullo & Goodyear 3 General and Family Law
Sebring & Associates 4

Commercial Lending, real estate acquisition and development, business and corporate, estates and trusts, construction, environmental, intellectual property, corporate finance, residential real estate, business development and solicitation.

Seewald Mielnicki & Petro 3

Auto defense, DUI defense, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Family Law, Workers' Compensation, Disability, License Suspensions, Nursing Home Neglect

Sheerer & Associates 2 General Practice, School Solicitor
Sherrard, German & Kelly, PC 38 Corporate, Financial, Insurance, Litigation, Estates & Trusts
Shire Law Firm 3

litigation, criminal defense, real estate, estate planning, family law and workers' compensation criminal

Sikov & Love 2 Elder Law, Litigation and Business, Commercial, Estate and Probate, Orphan's Court Litigation, Estate Administration, Long Term Care Planning, Trusts, Estate Planning, Fiduciary Services, Guardianship, Special Needs Trusts, & Medcaid Law
Silberblatt Mermelstein, PC 2

Auto accidents, defective products, medical malpractice, nursing home injuries, wrongful death, professional negligence, fire losses, personal injury,  property disputes; orphans court litigation  

Singleton-English Law Offices 1

estate planning, probate (estate administration), and taxation, elder law, real estate and small business issues

Sittig, Cortese & Wratcher 5 Real Estate, Land Use/Zoning
Slomski, Caruso & Associates, R.P.L.L.C. 3 Business, Transportation, Corporate and Commercial, Labor and Employment,  Real Estate, Estates, Collections and Trial Work
Smith Butz, LLC 6

Wills & Estates; corporate; litigation; railroad defense; local counsel; gas, oil, coal

Solomon & Associates 4

Professional liability; medical malpractice; workers' compensation; commercial, general, premises and products liability; motor vehicle; construction; estate litigation and orphans' court

Specter Specter Evans & Manogue 7

Antitrust, consumer fraud, product liability, personal injury, medical malpractice

Steidl & Steinberg 2 Bankruptcy
Steiner & Blechman, LLC 4 Family Law
Stephen J. O'Brien & Associates 2

Civil Practice and Litigation, Labor and Employment Law, ERISA, Estates, Wills, Trusts and Probate Proceedings, Workers Compensation, Contracts, Business Law, Personal Injury, Heart and Lung Cases, Social Security Disability, Employee Benefits, Pension and Welfare Plans, MultiEmployer Employee Benefit Plans, Collections, Real Estate Transactions, Mediation, Arbitration, Civil Service Hearing for Municipal Government Workers, Police and Firefighter Matters, Employment Discrimination, Collective Bargaining.

Stewart Melograne & Zinski 3 Criminal Defense; Personal Injury; General Practice
Straka & Gustine, LLP 4 Real estate, personal injury, tax assessment, trust
Strassburger McKenna Gutnick & Gefsky 30 Business Law, Commercial Litigation, Domestic Relations, Employment Law, Entertainment Law, Estates & Trusts, Intellectual Property, Labor Law, Municipal Law, Tax Law, Personal Injury, Transactions, Real Estate, Pension
Summers McDonnell Hudock Guthrie & Skeel 11 General Liability; workers' compensation; insurance coverage; bad faith litigation;motor vehicle litigation; premises and product liability; commercial litigation
Swartz Campbell LLC 20

Bath Faith, class actions and speciality, commercial and financial, insurance coverage, toxic tort, motor vehicle insurance, and railroad litigation; commercial and premises and professional liability; employment law; estate planning and administration; longshore harbor workers' compensation; general workers' compensation; property claims; subrogation.

Sweeney & Associates 2 Corporate and Securities Litigation
Swensen Perer & Kontos 6 Plaintiff (mostly) Medical Malpractice, Product Liability, Employment Law, and Civil Rights; some defense work
Talarico Paladino & Berg 3 Civil Practice
Tarasi & Tarasi, PC 4

Personal injury; consumer protection and business law.

Tener, VanKirk, Wolf & Moore, PC 4 Estate Planning, Estates, Trusts, Tax and Pension Planning, Real Estate, Corporate and General Practice
Tershel & Associates 4 Plaintiff-Personal injury focusing on litigation of medical malpractice, products liability, automobile accidents and work place injuries;Civil Trial Practice including Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Products Liability and Workers Compensation Law, Social Security Disability.
The Cook Law Group, PC 10 Bankruptcy, business, tax, employee benefits, estates, trusts, intellectual property, international business, litigation, labor and employment, real estate, Family and Criminal Law
The Law Office of Terry Bashline 6 Insurance Defense, Workmen's Compensation, Civil Litigation (firm only accepts applications on line)
The McClelland Law Group 3 Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Car Accidents
The Stonecipher Law Firm 8 General Civil Practice, Bankruptcy, Corporate, Reorganization, Creditor's Rights, Commercial, Oil and Gas Law and Estate Planning and Administration
Thomas A. Will & Associates 2 Worker's Compensation, Personal Injury, Family Law, Business Law, and Criminal Law
Thomas E. Reilly, PC 1 Creditor's rights, commercial litigation and real estate in state, federal and bankruptcy courts
Thomas H. Ayoob, III & Associates 2 Real Estate, Corporate Law, Collection, Municipal Law, Estate planning and administration
Thomas L. Stevenson & Associates 2

Business and Commercial Law; contracts; business organizations; estate planning; trusts; wills; probate and estate administration; real estate law; land use and zoning

Thomas Michalek, Attorney at Law 1 Estate planning, Probate, Corporate, Elder Law
Thomas, Thomas & Hafer, LLP 8

General liability; healthcare & professional licensure; insurance coverage and bad faith; administrative agency and appellate; workers' compensation; employment law; transportation; real estate; construction, surety and design professionals; government entity and civil rights; commercial and business litigation; subrogation.  

Thompson Calkins & Sutter


General Civil in all State and Federal Courts, Probate, Estate Planning and Administration, Real Estate, Workers' Compensation

Verdell Dean & Associates, PC 2 General Practice including Divorce, Family Law, Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Landlord Tenant, Real Estate, Probate and Estate Planning and Bankruptcy
Vitti & Vitti & Associates, PC 4 Mortgages and General Practice
Voelker & Associates 5 Real Estate, Litigation, collection, corporation formation
Vuono & Gray, LLC 5

Civil litigation; residential real estate; elder law; family law; lifetime and testamentary estate planning; probate and estate administration; tax planning; transportation law, employment law and personnel relations; commercial real estate; business and corporate law; acquisitions, mergers, and sales of business.

W. Timothy Barry & Associates 2 Labor and Employment, Municipal, Business
Walsh Collis & Blackmer LLC 11

insurance defense and civil litigation law firm

Wayman Irvin & McAuley, LLC 15 General Civil Litigation Practice in all Sate and Federal Courts, Professional Liability Insurance Law, Environmental Law, Insurance Coverage, Products Liability and Construction Industry Litigation; trial experience
Webb Law Firm 25 Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Unfair Competition Law (Technical Degree)
Weber Gallagher Simpson Stapleton Fires & Newby 11 Insurance defense litigation, workers compensation defense
Weiler & Weiler 2 Civil Litigation, Insurance, Estate, Workers' Compensation, Social Security Disability and Labor Law, Real Estate Law, Trials in State and Federal Courts, Federal and State Income Tax Practice and Litigation, Bankruptcy, General Practice
Weinheimer Schadel & Haber 7 Insurance Defense Practice, Civil Litigation in State and Federal Courts, Medical Malpractice, Products Liability, Insurance Coverage Law, Common Carrier Liability, Professional Liability, Legal Malpractice, Civil Rights and Accounting Malpractice.
Weisel, Xides & Foerster 5

Estate Planning; Probate, Trust & Estate Administration; Real Estate, Zoning & Land Use; Evictions and Foreclosures; Creditor's Rights - Bankruptcy; Business Planning; Divorce & Family Law; Personal Injury; Social Security Disability; Immigration & Naturalization

Weisman Goldman Bowen & Grzywinski 5 Plaintiff's personal injury; commercial litigation; employment litigation; corporate; bankruptcy
Welch, Gold & Siegel, PC 26 Bankruptcy, Consumer Rights, Criminal Law, Employment, Estate Administration, Estate Planning, Family Law, Immigration, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Landlord & Tenant, Traffic/Driver Licensing, Foreclosure, Workers' Compensation
Weltman Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA 8 Bankruptcy, Collection, Litigation & Defense, Credit Unions, Foreclosures/Evictions, Legal Action Receovery, Probate/Deceased Collections
Wick, Streiff, Meyer, O'Boyle & Szeligo 4 General Civil Practice, Administrative, Taxation, Labor, Construction, Corporate, Transportation, Estates and Trust, Commercial, Pension and Profit Sharing, Real Estate and Public Utility Law
Wienand & Bagin 3 Domestic Relations and Discrimination Law
Wilbraham, Lawler & Buba, PC 6 Appellate, Commercial Litigation, Insurance Fraud & Bad Faith, Litigation Management, Premises Liability, Products Liability, Professional Liability, Toxic Torts & Environmental Matters
Wilder & Mahood 6 Family Law
Williams Coulson 16 Estate, Business, Tax and Corporate Law, Retirement Planning Services
Willman & Silvaggio, LLP 18 Complex litigation, real estate, insurance and other related areas
Witherel & Associates 2 Family law, estates, criminal and personal injury
Woomer & Hall 4 Plaintiff personal injury, workers' compensation, medical malpractice, social security
Wyckoff Law Offices 1 Civil Litigation
Yukevich, Marchetti, Liekar & Zangrilli 10 Corporate and Commercial Law, Finance and Health Care Law, Civil Litigation, Real Estate, Banking and Municipal Law
Zegarelli Law Group 2 Computer Law, Commercial and Civil Litigation, Copyright Trademark and Patent Law, International, Securities, Franchising, Business Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Entertainment and Arts, General Practice
Zimmer Kunz, PLLC 26 Insurance, Property Damage, Automobile Law, Commercial Litigation, Toxic & Environmental Torts, Medical Malpractice, Employment Discrimination, Construction Claims, Workers' Compensation, Municipal & Civil Rights Litigation, Surety, Appellate
Zittrain & Zittrain 2 General Practice
Zoffer & Wedner 2

Class Action Litigation, Personal Injury Suits, Auto Accidents, Slip and Fall, Product Liability, Contracts Suits, Commercial Litigation, Premises Liability, Real Estate

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