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Legal Job Search Sites

Sites for online job-hunting in the legal profession include the following list below. Students interested in learning more about careers in government, public interest and judicial clerkships should visit our web pages on these specific careers.

  • Allegheny County Bar Association (

  • American Bar Association (

  • ABA Career Counsel (
    This site includes centralized access to ABA career information and tips on finding jobs and enhancing careers.

  • American Lawyer Media Attorney(
    American Lawyer Media owns and publishes 24 national and regional legal magazines and newspapers. This site provides links to these publications.

  • American Health Lawyers Association(
    This site includes information and updates for those interested in health law. The site also includes a searchable national job bank of health law positions.

  • BenefitsLink(
    This site contains information and tools for employee benefits professionals and lists employee benefits jobs.

  • Dice(
    Information on the high-tech industries and job listings.

  • FindLaw Career Center(
    This site compiles information and resources for the legal industry, search for jobs, specific employers, salary statistics and more.

  • Heiros Gamos(
    This site is a complete Law Research Center. It includes career related information, including job-searching strategies, along with updates in the legal profession. The site has links to bar associations, law firms, corporations and many other sites of interest.

  • Juris(
    This is the website of Juris Resources which is an Attorney Recruiting and Consulting firm. The site allows you to post your resume, lists positions geographically and provides information on interviewing and more.

  • LawInfo Employment Center(
    This site allows you to post your resume and review legal job listings.

  • Law Periscope(
    LawPeriscope profiles the 300 largest U.S. law firms.

  • Lexis-Nexis Career Center(
    Lexis-Nexis site for job searching. Includes Martindale-Hubbell, NALP, Lexis-Nexis Career Library and Job Searching strategies and resources.

  • LexisNexis Jobs Page(
    Lists employment opportunities with LexisNexis.

  • Legal Mojo( is a job board started by popular attorney bloggers which is devoted to legal professionals and takes the clutter out of the job search process.

  • Attorney Directory from Martindale(
    Allows you to find a lawyer by name and to search by location/area of practice, by firm, or for lawyers in corporations, agencies of the US government, or law school faculty. The network includes over a million lawyers and law firms in 160 countries.

  • National Association for Law Placement(
    The organization dedicated to legal hiring, recruitment and statistical
    collection issues. A good resource on Career Services generally.

  • NALP Directory of Legal Employers(
    This site allows you to browse and search for information on specific employers, including hiring practices, salaries and benefits and more.

  • National Center for State Courts(
    This site provides links to State Court websites, as well as limited employment information and links to federal and international courts.

  • Palidan Internet Resources for Attorneys(
    This site contains over 500 links to free legal employment sites. Includes a directory of legal recruiters, a directory of legal newspapers and bar associations that list job openings, a directory of government positions, and more. Allows you to search by state.

  • Pennsylvania Bar Association(

  • Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners(
    This is the official site of the Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners. This site provides information regarding admission to the bar of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. You can also find out exam results on this site.

  • Public Service Law Network(
    PSLawNet is a global network of member law schools and nearly 10,000 law-related world-wide public service organizations. Pitt Law is a member school. Students can register to search for opportunities ranging from volunteer positions during school to full-time summer internships, to post-graduate jobs and fellowships. This site also includes government positions and information about alternate funding sources.

  • Vault(
    This site has a great deal of information about jobs in all industries and includes a special section on the Legal Industry. You can search for specific information about employers, view Law School message boards that give you inside information about employers, search for jobs and much more. You can also subscribe free of charge to get weekly email updates on the legal industry and job searching.

  • West Group's Home Page(
    This is West Group's homepage. It includes a link to jobs available nationwide at West Group.

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