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Career Services: Alternative Job Search Sites

If you think your dream job is not being a lawyer at all, but is in business or another non-legal field, you are not alone. Nor are you without resources.

Naturally, you can find out plenty of information by simply finding the web site, if any, of the companies or organizations for which you think you might like to work. In addition, try the National Association for Law Placement ( which provides a list of sample alternative career job titles along with a bibliography of resources. The Career Services Offices also has a number of print resources available on Alternative Careers.

On-line resources include:

Trade Magazines and Newspapers Internet Sources

Other Sites of Interest

  • American City Business Journals ( This site features journals for 40 business areas nationwide--see what's happening in business, look for jobs, check out the lists of local industries.
  • America's Job Bank ( Contains nationwide job listings in which applicants apply directly to employers.
  • Banking Administration Institute ( Provides industry insights, events and resources and allows you to learn about the extensive programs, research and publications offered by Bank Administration Institute (BAI), the financial services industry's premier provider of information and training.
  • Career Builder ( Job listings from over 75 sites nationwide, including major newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and Philadelphia Inquirer. (If the city you're interested in doesn't have a paper listed there, try Yahoo's Newspaper Index.)
  • Career Resource Center ( More than 7,400 links to jobs with major employers, jobs posted at major newspapers, and jobs posted to Internet newsgroups.
  • Chronicle of Higher Education ( An excellent resource for finding teaching jobs and nontraditional positions in academia.
  • Dice Inc. ( An online career site for technology, engineering and security-cleared professionals.
  • ( Contains Fortune lists including, Fortune 500, Best Companies to Work For, 100 Fastest Growing Companies and more. Includes information on companies.
  • Human Rights Jobs (, Policy Jobs (, Political Jobs (, Ethical Jobs (, and Journalism Jobs ( These are password protected job sites and the login and password information are located on the CSO section of the Extranet.
  • International Career Employment Weekly ( ) This newspaper lists current international job vacancies each week, including hundreds of international development jobs. This is a password protected job site and the login and password information are located on the CSO section of the Extranet.
  • Job-Hunt ( is a Forbes Magazine Best of the Web for Job Hunting (2002). This site includes job searching, and index of associations and employers, links to many specialized job sites, career advice and more.
  • Monster Board ( Includes job searching, resume posting, employer profiles and a career information center.
  • NationJob Network ( This site has job searching and career related information.
  • Opportunities in Public Affairs ( is an online source of Capitol Hill, Public Relations and Public Affairs jobs in the Washington, DC. This is a password protected job site and the login and password information are located on the CSO section of the Extranet.
  • Teaching Fellowship for Aspiring Law Professors ( This list of law school fellowships is designed to prepare would-be law professors for the teaching market and for careers in full-time teaching.
  • Intercollegiate Job Bank - Alumni Postings outside of the Area.  Pitt Law participates in the alumni "Intercollegiate Job Bank" maintained by Brigham Young University Law School. The Intercollegiate Job Bank contains alumni job postings from a large number of law schools throughout the country. USERNAME: lawschool and PASSWORD:   jobs.   The web address of the Intercollegiate Job Bank is      

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