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Let's Talk Pitt Law Faculty

Watch as these Pitt Law students share insight into the atmosphere of what it's like to attend Pitt Law and learn from an accessible and highly accomplished faculty. Check out the video here.

A strong faculty is just one quality that makes a law school great. In the following video, Pitt Law students share opinions and personal anecdotes about what makes Pitt Law's faculty a reason to call the school home. 

The Pitt Law faculty represents some of the most incisive and productive minds in legal scholarship. Ranked 47th in scholarly impact out of 200 ABA accredited law schools in the United States Pitt Law’s faculty focuses its scholarship on a diversity of fields such as constitutional law, health care law, elder law, international law, tax law, and environmental law. But besides ranks and scholarship, the accessibility, geniality, and dedication of the faculty to foment lively discussion and student engagement are part of what make Pitt Law students happy.

Check out the Pitt Law YouTube channel to explore other videos showing the school in action, and be sure to subscribe to keep up with the latest uploads.

Explore these faculty pages to learn more about not just their scholarship, but their stories and what drives them to ultimately teach here at Pitt Law and prepare the next generation of the best and brightest legal minds.

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