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Welcoming The Class of 2016

New Student Orientation

Dean William Carter, Jr. welcomed the Class of 2016 to their law school careers at Pitt Law at New Student Orientation on Aug. 22. Read more about the Class of 2016 here.

 Class of 2016 Welcomed to Pitt Law at New Student Orientation

The incoming Class of 2016 enjoyed their first day at Pitt Law getting acquainted through New Student Orientation on Thursday. (View the full 2013 Orientation Agenda.) Assistant Dean Charmaine McCall introduced Pitt Law Dean William Carter Jr. who made his opening remarks to students in the Teplitz Memorial Courtroom, welcoming them to the start of their law school career and offering words of wisdom for their future studies and endeavors.

Dean Carter left students with three key points to take with them over the next three years.

“Take care of yourself, take care of business and take care of each other,” he said to the courtroom of 175 first year law students. “The reason we chose you is because you deserve to be here.”

The 175 students in the Class of 2016 were accepted out of approximately 1,500 applications, coming from a diversity of locales, including over 20 US states and several countries. They represent undergraduate institutions such as American University, Bowling Green State University, Case Western Reserve University, Georgetown University, Princeton University, as well as the University of Pittsburgh.

Dean Carter said students need to remember that the ultimate quality a lawyer holds is his or her integrity.

“When you strip away everything when it comes to your studies and career, what you have left is your integrity,” he said. “The one thing we carry with ourselves as lawyers throughout our entire careers is integrity. If you lose that, you lose everything.”

Dean Carter ended his statements with an altruistic message for students to view law school as a community.

“I want to encourage all of your to get to know each other,” he said. “If you see someone who looks like they’re struggling, reach out to them and hopefully someone will do that for you as well.”

Orientation continues through Friday, Aug. 23. View the full 2013 Orientation Agenda here.

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