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Pitt Law Academy Provides Students a Critical Context for Lawyer Life. Learn more here.

Realizing one’s full potential as a new lawyer isn’t just about the basics of building critical relationships and putting in exorbitant hours into cases. Success and career satisfaction in the world of law requires finding a comfortable balance between professional demands and personal lives, an acute awareness of current events in a rapidly changing legal landscape, and an appetite for confronting uncharted challenges while still managing the stress of a fast-paced career.

The Pitt Law Academy’s speaker series provides students the opportunity to glean real world experiences from seasoned legal professionals on a variety of topics. Past seminars have included a talk from Laura Ellsworth, Partner-in-Charge of the Pittsburgh office of Jones Day law firm discussing her diverse role as both a high powered attorney as well as a mother, in a session titled, “The Litigators’ Life: Is It For Me? Can I Try Cases For a Living & Still Recognize My Family Members?”

When Kenneth Argentieri, a partner with the 700-lawyer firm Duane Morris was asked his thoughts on the Pitt Law Academy by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in March, he called the speaker series a much needed service and an idea that is “long overdue” for law students.

Pitt Law Academy organizer and Pitt Law professor John Burkoff told the Post-Gazette that what most students learn in law school is the substance of law. The Pitt Law Academy gets them thinking about “what comes after.”

Receptions follow Pitt Law Academy seminars, allowing students rich networking opportunities with practicing professionals. These personal and insightful interactions can help aspiring students determine the pros and cons of their unique career path, whether they are inspired to head toward government work, health care, corporate, environmental, or any other legal concentration. It can also be an opportunity for the kind of networking that can sow the seeds of positive career development.

The Pitt Law Academy features ten programs over the course of an academic year. While first year students are required to attend at least four of those programs, 2L and 3L students are also encouraged to take part in these opportunities so that they may gain further insight into the real world contexts of being a lawyer outside of their academic instruction. 

Six more Academy programs are on the 2012-2013 calendar and promise to provide to deliver the kind of conversation that law students want to hear – candid and unreserved. 

Solo Practice & Starting Your Own Law Firm After Law School-Thursday, November 15 at 4:30PM in Room 107

There's More to Being a Lawyer than Just "the Law": Lawyers as Leaders-Thursday, January 17 at 4:30PM in Room 111

Is It Possible to Be a Super Star Lawyer and Still Have a Personal Life/Family?-Tuesday, February 5 at 4:30PM in Room 107

Law Office Politics: How to Survive & Thrive Out There in the Real World-Tuesday, February 26 at 4:30PM in Room 107

Handling Job Stress without Becoming a Drug Addict or an Alcoholic: Some Good Advice & Some Cautionary Tales-Tuesday, March 26 at 4:30PM in Room 107

Hold off on the Mercedes: How to Make & Live on a Budget after Law School-Tuesday, April 9 at 4:30PM in Room 107

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