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Notice Regarding Locker Assignments

Publish Date/Time: 
August 22, 2013

2Ls & 3Ls -- Lockers

Over the summer, all lockers were cleaned, repaired (if necessary) and combinations changed.  All lockers have been reassigned for the start of the school year.  Beginning today, Thursday, August 22nd, locker assignments and combinations can be obtained throughout the day at the reception desk on the second floor by showing your student ID. 

Remember, it’s your student lounge so, help us keep it in top condition.  Please do not mount any stickers, labels or other materials through the use of adhesives, tape, pins or other means to the exterior or interior surfaces of the locker.  Also, do not place items on the slanted tops such as umbrellas, shoes, etc.  Lockers should be in the same condition less normal wear and tear at the end of the academic year.

Regarding locker problems, please stop by Room 116 or email

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