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Pitt Law Professor Burkoff Weighs in on Perzel Plea

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August 31, 2011

With Former House Speaker John Perzel poised to plead guilty in an 82-count indictment as of August 30th, Pitt Law Professor John Burkoff explains to multiple media sources why it is that he believes the plea in the case makes sense for prosecutors as well as why others who were charged with felonies will have little choice but to plead guilty, too. 

“One, there’s the certainty of the conviction ... and the savings that brings in terms of time, expense and angst,” said Burkoff. “Two, in these cases you’re talking about felonies with dollar amounts where they are presumably satisfied that he’ll get a significant jail sentence.” 


Burkoff goes on to explain why, in his opinion, he feels the nine other Republicans who were charged with felonies in November 2009 will also plead guilty to charges of conflict of interest, theft, conspiracy and obstruction of justice. 


"[Perzel’s plea] tells me it's pretty hard for the remaining defendants not to consider plea agreements," he says. 


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