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Burkoff Talks with Media About Recent Developments in the Orie Case

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August 31, 2011

Criminal Law Professor John Burkoff talks to multiple media outlets not only about the 16 counts of forgery, perjury, tampering and/or fabricating evidence, against State Senator Jane Orie, but also about how this new case will tie into a retrial of the original case dealing with the potential misuse of public office resources for campaign work.    

Of the new charges, Burkoff suggests that without direct evidence, it will be hard for the district attorney’s office to prove that Orie forged documents. 

“To actually show that she did it, well, that has to be arrived at circumstantially and that’s not an easy leap for everyone.”

Burkoff explains that proving perjury is difficult not only must Orie have testified falsely, but also, Burkoff says, “the person who made these misstatements [must] actually believe they were false. So, one of the defenses you could have to that [would be], ‘Oh I may have said the wrong thing but I actually believed it.’”

A decision regarding whether to try the two potential cases together or separately will be a difficult choice, Burkoff thinks. 

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