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Pitt Law Alum Takes On Family’s Case Regarding Son's Suicide In Troubled Prison

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July 14, 2014


A front page Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article details the story of the suicide of 23-year-old Brandon Palakovic in July 2012 in a troubled, now-closed state prison outside of Altoona. Pitt Law graduate, Bret Grote, a prisoners’ rights advocate familiar with the Palakovic’s matter, was quoted by the Post-Gazette on the Palakovic family’s recent lawsuit against the Department of Corrections seeking answers and reform about Brandon’s death.

Mr. Grote said to the Post-Gazette that the Palakovics have one goal in their case. "They don't want other people to go through the pain and the loss that they have,” Grote said. “If Brandon's story in this lawsuit can hit home the life and death consequences of this issue, and contribute to publicizing the serious human rights violations that go on in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, then that is their ultimate intention.”

Mr. Grote with The Abolitionist Law Center has taken on the Palakovics’ case under the representation of Mike Healy of the firm Healy and Hornack and Pitt Law Professor Jules Lobel.

Read more about the Palakovics’ story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Read more about the case Palakovic v. Wetzel at the Abolitionist Law Center.

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