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Linda Tashbook on Rhode Island's Homeless Bill of Rights

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July 9, 2012

Pitt Law Foreign, International and Comparative Law Librarian Linda Tashbook has published a JURIST Forum article describing Rhode Island’s Homeless Bill of Rights as “a simple guide for the perplexed bureaucrat or police officer.”  Explaining that this Bill of Rights, the first of its kind, lists “fall-back positions that all of the state and municipal authorities have to take when dealing with homeless people” and that it will serve as a perpetual assurance that Rhode Island’s laws will be written to prevent denials of access due to a lack of street address, unjust and substandard treatment, and arbitrary property seizures, the article is an effort to off-set the public outcry suggesting that the Homeless Bill of Rights grants favoritism to homeless people.


See the Jurist article here.

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