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John Burkoff and David Harris on Sentencing of former State Sen. Orie

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June 4, 2012

Professors John Burkoff and David Harris weighed in on the sentencing of former State Senator Jane Orie, who was convicted of using state workers in her political campaigns and of forging documents that the defense attempted to enter into evidence.  Burkoff and Harris agreed that the forgery conviction will likely increase her sentence.  According to Professor Burkoff, "the jury found her guilty of forging documents entered into evidence at trial, a shocking, outrageous, and contemptuous criminal act." Professor Harris said that her sentencing will be more severe than it might have been because of "the cover-up and the fraud in the documents.  Any judge I have ever met takes a conviction for these types of things seriously."


See Professor Burkoff's comments at here.


See Professor Harris's comments in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review here.

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