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Oxford Publishes CILE Studies Book on Law Conflicts In Israel And Palestinian Territories

Publish Date/Time: 
May 15, 2014


Oxford University Press has announced the publication of the fifth volume in the CILE Studies series. In a collaboration between CILE, headed by Pitt Law Professor Ronald Brand, and Oxford University Press, Conflicts in a Conflict: A Conflict of Laws Case Study on Israel and the Palestinian Territories, written by Prof. Michael Karayanni, the Bruce W. Wayne Chair in International Law at the Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, provides an in-depth look at conflict of laws issues in conflict territories.

The book will be released May 28, 2014. According to Oxford University Press, Conflicts in a Conflict “outlines and analyzes the legal doctrines instructing the Israeli courts in private and civil disputes involving the Occupied Palestinian Territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, since 1967 until the present day.”

Interested readers may include scholars of Conflict of Law and Public International Law and those interested in the legal, historical and political aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This study of the conflict of laws in a war setting and conflict of laws in a jurisdictionally ambiguous location, will greatly serve scholars and practitioners in similarly troubled and complex legal situations elsewhere.

View Conflicts in a Conflict at the Oxford University Press.

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