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Arthur Hellman Quoted in Washington Post on Judicial Confirmation Battles

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May 21, 2014

Pitt Law Professor Arthur Hellman was quoted by the Washington Post in an article on opposition to some of President Obama’s judicial nominees by members of the President’s own party.

One nominee who has aroused opposition is Michael Boggs, nominated to serve on the federal district court in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the Post, Boggs “supported keeping the Confederate emblem on the Georgia state flag; backed measures that would have required parents to accompany a daughter to an abortion clinic if she was younger than 18 and would have posted the names of abortion doctors and how many procedures they had performed; and voted to ban same-sex marriage.”

Hellman said it is rare for a district court nominee to inspire such opposition because such judges lack the power and reach of circuit court judges.

“You have three red flags there in one nominee, so it creates this huge controversy,” Hellman said. “These fights are more important to the outside groups than to the senators, but because they’re important to the outside groups, they become important to the senators.”

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