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David Harris and Failed Evidence Featured on Psychology Today's Shadow Boxing

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April 24, 2013

An interview with Professor David Harris, author of Failed Evidence, about the Reid Technique, the most popular method for interrogating suspects in U.S. police departments, is featured on Shadow Boxing, a blog written for Psychology Today by Dr. Katherine Ramsland, who teaches and writes about forensic psychology.  The post was chosen as an "essential read" for the Education area of Psychology Today.  Here's an excerpt:

The technique seems to be designed for entrapment and even a bit of brainwashing. Is this perception accurate?

I guess I would put it a little differently, though I do understand why you would see it that way. The Reid technique for interrogation is not a process designed for the discovery of facts and evidence. Rather, it is a multi-phase process, to be used when the interrogator has already concluded that the subject is guilty, and therefore simply needs the confession out of the person to confirm the guilt and prove it.

The full interview is here.

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