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Master of Studies in Law (MSL)

An Advanced Alternative To The Traditional Juris Doctor

The Master of Studies in Law at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law is an advanced degree designed for graduates and mid-career professionals seeking to enhance their careers with a versatile alternative to the traditional three-year Juris Doctor degree. The MSL degree can be earned in one academic year (August to May) full-time or two to four years in a flexible part-time schedule.

MSL scholars seek to gain foundational and specialized knowledge of laws and legal systems. Law is a pervasive influence on almost all aspects of life across the globe, but higher education often ill-prepares students and professionals for navigating laws and legal dynamics in business and life. The MSL degree addresses this critical knowledge gap.

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How Can The MSL Enhance My Career?

"The MSL program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law gave me a unique opportunity to focus a year of graduate study on intellectual property rights. Not only has my master’s degree opened up a new horizon of career options, but it has also strengthened my critical thinking and analysis skills tremendously."

Stephanie Minnaugh '03, Master of Studies in Law, Intellectual Property & Technology

"I would say that the MSL program has always been necessary in practically all aspects of business. The job I had immediately after the MSL program was with Ernst & Young’s corporate restructuring practice in Singapore where I had to communicate with lawyers on a daily basis."

- Joel Lim '07, Master of Studies in Law, Corporate Law

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Specialized instruction in 22 concentrations

Pitt Law commands one of the oldest Master of Studies in Law programs in the country. Only a handful of students are admitted per year. Pitt Law is unique in that it offers its MSL students the opportunity for specialization in 22 concentrations or a customizable self-designed concentration on a select basis.

This is not an online program. MSL students take the same vast array of courses as Juris Doctor candidates taught by world-class legal scholars, judges and attorneys, and they gain the advantages and benefits of attending the University of Pittsburgh.

For more information, contact:

Beth Ann Pischke
(412) 648-7120

Faculty Director:
Alan Meisel
(412) 648-1384

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  • Why The MSL?

    Why The MSL?

    Learn more about how the Master of Studies in Law degree from Pitt Law can professionally benefit you. This comprehensive FAQ answers questions from costs to requirements.

  • 22 Concentrations

    22 Concentrations

    As one of the oldest Master of Studies in Law programs in the country, Pitt Law offers 22 concentrations in areas such as intellectual property and technology law, elder and estate planning law, and energy law.