Past Event Media

Below are some videos of past events hosted by the Law School.  Click on the title to view the video.

3L Luncheon:  Video "Advice for the Class of 2014"

Event Date:  May 7, 2014

Chief Justice Ralph J. Cappy Jury Room Dedication

Dedication ceremony in honor of Chief Justice Cappy of the Jury Room, Barco Law G25.

Event Date:  April 1, 2014

Challenging Authority:  A Symposium in Honor of Derrick Bell

A celebration of the late Derrick Bell (LLB ’57), esteemed Pitt Law alumnus, professor, and one of the founders of critical race theory.

Roundtable Discussions #1

  • Jessie Allen, Pitt Law, Moderator
  • Timothy Golden, West Chester University, Department of Philosophy
  • William Rhee, West Virginia University College of Law
  • Rakhi Ruparelia, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law
  • Andre Smith, Widener Law
  • Josephine Ross, Howard University School of Law

Roundtable Discussions #2

  • Sheila I. Vélez Martínez, Pitt Law, Moderator
  • Kristina Campbell, University of D.C. David A Clarke School of Law
  • Tanya Asim Cooper, University of Alabama School of Law
  • Justin Hansford, St. Louis University School of Law
  • Marissa Jackson, Law Clerk to Hon. Damon J. Keith, U.S. Court of Appeals (6th Cir.)
  • Melinda Molina, Capital University Law School

Opening Lecture

  • Jasmine Gonzales Rose, Pitt Law (Introducing Dean Carter)

  • Dean William Carter, Pitt Law (Remarks)

  • Janet Dewart Bell (Remarks)

  • Ian Haney López, University of California, Berkeley Law, Opening Lecturer

Panel 1:  Contemporary Issues in Critical Race Theory and Interest Convergence

  • Jasmine Gonzales Rose, Pitt Law, Moderator

  • Patience Crowder, University of Denver Sturm College of Law, Incentivizing Economic

  • Justice through Regional Interest Convergence

  • Montré Carodine, University of Alabama School of Law, Race as Character Evidence

  • SpearIt, Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Economic

  • Interest Convergence in Downsizing Imprisonment

Panel 2:  Reading Between the Lines:  Race, Constitutional Law and the Work of Derrick Bell

  • David Garrow, Pitt Law, Moderator

  • Paul Finkleman, Albany Law School, Slave Law was American Law: Slavery Stories and the Scholarship of Derrick Bell

  • Alfred Brophy, University of North Carolina School of Law & Stacey Gahagan, Esq., Reading Professor Obama: Race and the American Constitutional Tradition

  • Juan Perea, Loyola Chicago School of Law, Doctrines of Delusion: Bakke, Fisher and the Case for a New Affirmative Action

Panel 3:  Derrick Bell's Thought and Legacy

  • Thomas Ross, Pitt Law, Moderator

  • Pat Chew, Pitt Law, Challenging Authority

    George Taylor, Pitt Law, The Object of Diversity

  • Jean Stefancic, University of Alabama School of Law, Discerning Critical Moments: Lessons from the Life of Derrick Bell

Closing Keynote:  Confronting Authority:  The Oppositional Voice of Derrick Bell

  • Kimberlé Crenshaw, UCLA School of Law Critical Race Studies Program

  • Devon Carbado, UCLA School of Law Critical Race Studies Program

  • Cheryl Harris, UCLA School of Law Critical Race Studies Program

​Event Date:  March 27 & 28

Color Coded Juctice:
The Legal Battle to End Stop and Frisk in New York City

Vincent Warren is the Executive Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), a national legal and educational organization dedicated to advancing and defending the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Warren oversees CCR's groundbreaking litigation and advocacy work which includes the stop and frisk litigation; combating the illegal expansion of presidential power and policies such as illegal detention at Guantanamo, rendition, torture and warrantless wiretapping; holding corporations and government officials accountable for human rights abuses; and, challenging racial injustice and mass incarceration.

Prior to his tenure at CCR, Warren held the position of national senior staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), where he led constitutional and impact litigation to advance civil rights and liberties. Warren is a frequent national cable, network and independent media commentator, having appeared on MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show, CNN's The Situation Room and Paula Zahn Now, Democracy Now! and numerous National Public Radio programs.

Event Date: March 18, 2014