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New Books

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We the people. Volume 3,The civil rights revolution Bruce A. Ackerman Mar 2014
Understanding the ADA William D. Goren Mar 2014
Understanding Clarence Thomas :the jurisprudence of constitutional restoration Ralph A. Rossum Mar 2014
U.S. regulation of hedge funds Douglas L. Hammer Mar 2014
Toward an American conservatism :constitutional conservatism during the Progressive Era Joseph Postell (ed.) Mar 2014
The unity of the common law Alan Brudner Mar 2014
The Sierra Leone Special Court and its legacy :the impact for Africa and international criminal law Charles Chernor Jalloh (ed.) Mar 2014
The recall :tribunal of the people Joseph Francis Zimmerman Mar 2014
The origins of western law from Athens to the Code Napoleon John E. Ecklund Mar 2014
The marble and the sculptor :from law school to law practice Keith Robert Lee Mar 2014
The lawiers logike, exemplifying the praecepts of logike by the practice of the common lawe Abraham Fraunce Mar 2014
The Israeli Supreme Court and the Human Rights Revolution :courts as agenda setters Assaf Meydani Mar 2014
The evangelical origins of the living constitution John W. Compton Mar 2014
The equal parent presumption :social justice in the legal determination of parenting after divorce Edward Kruk Mar 2014
The devil is in the details :understanding the causes of policy specificity and ambiguity Rachel VanSickle-Ward Mar 2014
The constitution of risk Adrian Vermeule Mar 2014
The civic constitution :civic visions and struggles in the path toward constitutional democracy Elizabeth Beaumont Mar 2014
The canonization of Islamic law :a social and intellectual history Ahmed El Shamsy Mar 2014
The Boulder statements on legal research education :the intersection of intellectual and practical skills Susan Nevelow Mart (ed.) Mar 2014
The ABCs of the UCC :Article 2A, Leases Amelia H. Boss Mar 2014

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