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New Books

Title Authorsort icon Added
Immigration outside the law Hiroshi Motomura Jul 2014
Cloud computing law Christopher Millard May 2014
Divided dynamism :the diplomacy of separated nations : Germany, Korea, China John J. Metzler Jun 2014
Sharia and the making of the modern Egyptian :Islamic law and custom in the courts of Ottoman Cairo Reem A. Meshal Jul 2014
Global governance, human rights and international law :combating the tragic flaw Errol Mendes Jun 2014
Discrimination, equality and the law Aileen McColgan Jun 2014
Jus post bellum and transitional justice Larry May (ed.) Jun 2014
Counting Islam :religion, class, and elections in Egypt Tarek E. Masoud Jun 2014
The international rule of law movement :a crisis of legitimacy and the way forward David Marshall (ed.) Jul 2014
Embryos under the microscope :the diverging meanings of life Jane Maienschein May 2014
Team defense in criminal cases Andrea D. Lyon Jul 2014
The good lawyer :seeking quality in the practice of law Douglas O. Linder Jun 2014
Health technologies and international intellectual property :a precautionary approach Phoebe Li May 2014
The cybersleuth's guide to the Internet :conducting effective free investigative & legal research on the Web Carole A. Levitt Jun 2014
The progeny :Justice William J. Brennan's fight to preserve the legacy of New York Times v. Sullivan Lee Levine May 2014
The culturalization of human rights law Federico Lenzerini May 2014
International litigation strategies and practice Barton Legum (ed.) Jul 2014
The Fourteenth Amendment and the privileges and immunities of American citizenship Kurt T. Lash Jun 2014
The Geneva consensus :making trade work for all Pascal Lamy Jun 2014
The power of legal project management :a practical handbook Susan Raridon Lambreth Jul 2014

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