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New Books

Titlesort icon Author Added
Justice through apologies :remorse, reform, and punishment Nick Smith Jun 2014
Law and revolution in South Africa :uBuntu, dignity, and the struggle for constitutional transformation Drucilla Cornell Jun 2014
Law and the gay rights story :the long search for equal justice in a divided democracy Walter Frank Aug 2014
Law and the utopian imagination Austin Sarat (ed.) Jun 2014
Law, nation-building & transformation :the South African experience in perspective Catherine Jenkins (ed.) Jun 2014
Legal traditions of the world :sustainable diversity in law H. Patrick Glenn Aug 2014
Legal writing by design :a guide to great briefs and memos Teresa J. Reid Rambo Jun 2014
Mastering bankruptcy George W. Kuney Jun 2014
Mastering evidence Ronald W. Eades Jun 2014
Minilateralism :how trade alliances, soft law, and financial engineering are redefining economic statecraft Chris Brummer Jun 2014
Modern treaty law and practice Anthony Aust Jul 2014
Nationalism and the rule of law :lessons from the Balkans and beyond Iavor Rangelov Jun 2014
Our word is our bond :how legal speech acts Marianne Constable Jul 2014
Patent law in global perspective Ruth L. Okediji (ed.) Jun 2014
Patent trolls :predatory litigation and the smothering of innovation William J. Watkins Aug 2014
Pattern cross-examinations Walter R. Simpson Jul 2014
Physician law :evolving trends & hot topics 2013 Wes Cleveland (ed.) Jul 2014
Piracy in the Indian film industry :copyright and cultural consonance Arul George Scaria Aug 2014
Point of attack :preventive war, international law, and global welfare John Yoo Aug 2014
Presidential legislation in India :the law and practice of ordinances Shubhankar Dam Jun 2014

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