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New Books

Title Authorsort icon Added
Philosophical foundations of discrimination law Deborah Hellman (ed.) Apr 2014
A short and happy guide to being a lawyer Kenney F. Hegland Mar 2014
ICDR awards and commentaries Grant Hanessian (ed.) Mar 2014
U.S. regulation of hedge funds Douglas L. Hammer Mar 2014
Crusader for justice :federal judge Damon J. Keith Peter J. Hammer Mar 2014
American immunity :war crimes and the limits of international law Patrick Hagopian Mar 2014
Treasure State Justice :Judge George M. Bourquin, defender of the rule of law Arnon Gutfeld Apr 2014
Tolerating intolerance :the price of protecting extremism Amos N. Guiora Apr 2014
Baseball on trial :the origin of baseball's antitrust exemption Nathaniel Grow Apr 2014
Elena Kagan :a biography Meg Greene Mar 2014
Surveillance in America :critical analysis of the FBI, 1920 to the present Ivan Greenberg Mar 2014
Oxford studies in philosophy of law. Volume 2 Leslie Green (ed.) Mar 2014
Down to the crossroads :civil rights, Black power, and the Meredith march against fear Aram Goudsouzian Apr 2014
Understanding the ADA William D. Goren Mar 2014
The jurists :a critical history James Gordley Apr 2014
Property law and social morality Peter M. Gerhart Mar 2014
Social-ecological resilience and law Ahjond S. Garmestani (ed.) Apr 2014
The lawiers logike, exemplifying the praecepts of logike by the practice of the common lawe Abraham Fraunce Mar 2014
International commercial agreements and electronic commerce William F. Fox Apr 2014
Private enforcement of antitrust law in the United States :a handbook Albert A. Foer (ed.) Mar 2014

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