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New Books

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Access to information and knowledge :21st century challenges in intellectual property and knowledge governance Dana Beldiman (ed.) Jun 2014
Accomplishing NAGPRA :perspectives on the intent, impact, and future of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Sangita Chari (ed.) Jun 2014
Bentham's theory of law and public opinion Xiaobo Zhai (ed.) Jun 2014
Citizens divided :campaign finance reform and the constitution Robert Post Jun 2014
Competition law and financial services D.M. Harrison Jun 2014
Constitutions and the commons :the impact of federal governance on local, national, and global resource management Blake Hudson Jun 2014
Constitutions in authoritarian regimes Tom Ginsburg (ed.) Jun 2014
Contemporary issues in consumer bankruptcy Wolfram Backert (ed.) Jun 2014
Corruption and conflicts of interest :a comparative law approach Jean-Bernard Auby (ed.) Jun 2014
Counting Islam :religion, class, and elections in Egypt Tarek E. Masoud Jun 2014
Courts, codes, and custom :legal tradition and state policy toward international human rights and environmental law Dana Zartner Jun 2014
Cultural heritage in transit :intangible rights as human rights Deborah Kapchan (ed.) Jun 2014
Discrimination, equality and the law Aileen McColgan Jun 2014
Divided dynamism :the diplomacy of separated nations : Germany, Korea, China John J. Metzler Jun 2014
Domestic politics and international human rights tribunals :the problem of compliance Courtney Hillebrecht Jun 2014
EU consumer law and human rights Iris Benohr Jun 2014
EU peacebuilding in Kosovo and Afghanistan :legality and accountability Martina Spernbauer Jun 2014
European data protection law :corporate compliance and regulation Christopher Kuner Jun 2014
Family law reimagined Jill Elaine Hasday Jun 2014
Gender in refugee law :from the margins to the centre Efrat Arbel (ed.) Jun 2014

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