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New Books

Title Author Addedsort icon
A short and happy guide to being a lawyer Kenney F. Hegland Mar 2014
Adoption :law and practice under the Revised European Convention on the Adoption of Children Geoffrey Shannon Mar 2014
American immunity :war crimes and the limits of international law Patrick Hagopian Mar 2014
American legal history :a very short introduction G. Edward White Mar 2014
Annotated financial institution bond Michael Keeley (ed.) Mar 2014
Arbitration advocacy John W. Cooley Mar 2014
China's anti-monopoly law :the first five years Adrian Emch (ed.) Mar 2014
Collected papers on English legal history John H. Baker Mar 2014
Crime and punishment in early modern Germany :courts and adjudicatory practices in Frankfurt am Main, 1562-1696 Maria R. Boes Mar 2014
Crusader for justice :federal judge Damon J. Keith Peter J. Hammer Mar 2014
Dietary supplement regulation in the United States Taylor C. Wallace Mar 2014
Does regulation kill jobs? Cary Coglianese (ed.) Mar 2014
Elena Kagan :a biography Meg Greene Mar 2014
Elephant treaties :the colonial legacy of the biodiversity crisis Rachelle Adam Mar 2014
Environmental health law :an introduction Russellyn S. Carruth Mar 2014
Escaping victimhood :children, youth and post-conflict peacebuilding Albrecht Schnabel (ed.) Mar 2014
Expert rules :100 (and more) points you need to know about expert witnesses David M. Malone Mar 2014
Fair labelling and the dilemma of prosecuting gender-based crimes at the international criminal tribunals Ḥilmī, Zawātī, Mar 2014
Fixing U.S. international taxation Daniel N. Shaviro Mar 2014
Freedom of expression and the Internet Wolfgang Benedek Mar 2014

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