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New Books (Added February, 2014)

February 2014

Title Authorsort icon Added
The report of the Constitution Project's Task Force on Detainee Treatment Feb 2014
Realising cultural heritage law :Festschrift for Patrick Joseph O'Keefe Feb 2014
American Bar Association standards for language access in courts. Feb 2014
Adult guardianship law for the 21st century :proceedings of the First World Congress on Adult Guardianship Law 2010 Makoto Arai Feb 2014
Beyond race, sex, and sexual orientation :legal equality without identity Sonu Bedi Feb 2014
Compensating asbestos victims :law and the dark side of industrialization Andrea Boggio Feb 2014
Social media as evidence :cases, practice pointers, and techniques Joshua Briones Feb 2014
ABCs of the UCC :Article 1, General provisions Scott J. Burnham Feb 2014
Flash mob law :the legal side of planning and participating in pillow fights, no pants rides, and other shenanigans Ruth Carter Feb 2014
The people's martyr :Thomas Wilson Dorr and his 1842 Rhode Island rebellion Erik J. Chaput Feb 2014
The Class Action Fairness Act :law and strategy Gregory C. Cook (ed.) Feb 2014
The dignity jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court of South Africa :cases and materials Drucilla Cornell (ed.) Feb 2014
A lawyer writes :a practical guide to legal analysis Christine Nero Coughlin Feb 2014
Saving the soul of Georgia :Donald L. Hollowell and the struggle for civil rights Maurice Charles Daniels Feb 2014
The sympathetic state :disaster relief and the origins of the American welfare state Michele Landis Dauber Feb 2014
America bewitched :the story of witchcraft after Salem Owen Davies Feb 2014
The great escape :health, wealth, and the origins of inequality Angus Deaton Feb 2014
The global war for internet governance Laura DeNardis Feb 2014
How to succeed as a trial lawyer Stewart I. Edelstein Feb 2014
Pathways to judicial power in transitional states :perspectives from African courts Rachel L. Ellett Feb 2014
Fundamentals of construction law L. Franklin Elmore (ed.) Feb 2014
The burqa affair across Europe :between public and private space Alessandro Ferrari (ed.) Feb 2014
On the Supreme Court :without illusion and idolatry Louis Fisher Feb 2014
Family business and positive psychology :new planning strategies for the 21st century Scott E. Friedman Feb 2014
The fugitive slave rescue trial of Robert Morris :Benjamin Robbins Curtis on the road to Dred Scott John D. Gordan Feb 2014
Personal branding in one hour for lawyers Katy Goshtasbi Feb 2014
A new introduction to American constitutionalism Mark A. Graber Feb 2014
The ABCs of the CISG Jack M. Graves Feb 2014
The bona fide prospective purchaser defense :a guide for lawyers David L. Guevara Feb 2014
Gun control in the Third Reich :disarming the Jews and "enemies of the state" Stephen P. Halbrook Feb 2014
Dog whistle politics :how coded racial appeals have reinvented racism and wrecked the middle class Ian Haney-López Feb 2014
Moral foundations of American law :faith, virtue and mores Geoffrey C. Hazard Feb 2014
The hidden histories of war crimes trials Jon Heller (ed.) Feb 2014
The cure in the code :how 20th century law is undermining 21st century medicine Peter W. Huber Feb 2014
The mental element in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Kristina Janjac Feb 2014
Homosexuality and the European Court of Human Rights Paul Johnson Feb 2014
Human rights and conflict transformation in Africa Laurence Juma Feb 2014
Genocidal gender and sexual violence :the legacy of the ICTR, Rwanda's ordinary courts and gacaca courts Usta Kaitesi Feb 2014
The consumer law revolution :the lawyer's guide to the online legal marketplace Stephanie L. Kimbro Feb 2014
The little book of BBQ law Cecil C. Kuhne Feb 2014
The rights and responsibilities of the modern university :the rise of the facilitator university Peter F. Lake Feb 2014
Ethics and the laws of war :the moral justification of legal norms Anthony Lamb Feb 2014
Cooperation in the law of transboundary water resources Christina Leb Feb 2014
Patent misuse and antitrust law :empirical, doctrinal and policy perspectives Daryl Lim Feb 2014
The little book of basketball law Melissa Altman Linsky Feb 2014
Judicial decision-making in a globalised world :a comparative analysis of the changing practices of western highest courts Elaine Mak Feb 2014
Limiting Leviathan :Hobbes on law and international affairs Larry May Feb 2014
Corporate accountability in the context of transitional justice Sabine Michalowski (ed.) Feb 2014
Snarl :in defense of stalled traffic and faulty networks Ruth Austin Miller Feb 2014
Property insurance litigator's handbook Leonard E. Murphy (ed.) Feb 2014
An introduction to African legal philosophy John Murungi Feb 2014
On taqlid :Ibn al Qayyim's critique of authority in Islamic law Abdul-Rahman Mustafa Feb 2014
Secondary liability in international criminal law :a study on aiding and abetting or otherwise assisting the commission of international crimes Flavio Noto Feb 2014
Private international law in Commonwealth Africa Richard Frimpong Oppong Feb 2014
Practicing law in the sharing economy :helping people build cooperatives, social enterprise, and local sustainable economies Janelle Orsi Feb 2014
The law of ancient Athens David D. Phillips Feb 2014
Beyond the fracking wars :a guide for lawyers, public officials, planners, and citizens Erica Levine Powers (ed.) Feb 2014
Criminal jurisdiction over perpetrators of ship-source pollution :international law, state practice and EU harmonisation Alla Pozdnakova Feb 2014
State violence and the execution of law :biopolitical caesurae of torture, black sites, drones Joseph Pugliese Feb 2014
The American Constitution and religion Richard J. Regan Feb 2014
Patriots debate :contemporary issues in national security law Harvey Rishikof Feb 2014
Law and war Austin Sarat (ed.) Feb 2014
On the art of cross-examination :four great old authorities, two Englishmen and two Americans with emphasis on their principles George A. Serghides Feb 2014
The language of bribery cases Roger W. Shuy Feb 2014
The criminalization of mental illness :crisis and opportunity for the justice system Risdon N. Slate Feb 2014
The rise and decline of American religious freedom Steven D. Smith Feb 2014
Can law make life (too) simple? :from gene patents to the patenting of environmentally sound technologies Tine Sommer Feb 2014
Forensic psychology consultation in child custody litigation :a handbook for work product review, case preparation, and expert testimony Philip Michael Stahl Feb 2014
Trying cases to win :in one volume Herbert Jay Stern Feb 2014
Competing through innovation :technology strategy and antitrust policies David J. Teece Feb 2014
Law and the new developmental state :the Brazilian experience in Latin American context David M. Trubek (ed.) Feb 2014
Deadly censorship :murder, honor & freedom of the press James L. Underwood Feb 2014
Oppressed in the land? :fatwas on Muslims living under non-Muslim rule from the Middle Ages to the present Alan J. Verskin Feb 2014
International law for a water-scarce world Edith Brown Weiss Feb 2014
The practitioner's guide to defense of EPL claims Amy S. Wilson (ed.) Feb 2014
Choosing for juries :application and development of juries in old and new jury trial countries Nazim Ziyadov Feb 2014
An institutional approach to the responsibility to protect Gentian Zyberi (ed.) Feb 2014

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