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New Books (Added December, 2013)

December 2013

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Banished :common law and the rhetoric of social exclusion in early New England Nan Goodman Dec 2013
English nuns and the law in the Middle Ages :cloistered nuns and their lawyers, 1293-1540 Elizabeth M. Makowski Dec 2013
Making laws for cyberspace Chris Reed Dec 2013
Obligations in Roman law :past, present, and future Thomas A.J. McGinn (ed.) Dec 2013
Reforming legal education :law schools at the crossroads David M. Moss (ed.) Dec 2013
The law and practice of arbitration Thomas E. Carbonneau Dec 2013
The law of the future and the future of law. Volume II Sam Muller (ed.) Dec 2013
1L of a ride :a well-traveled professor's roadmap to success in the first year of law school Andrew J. McClurg Dec 2013
A mere machine :the Supreme Court, Congress, and American democracy Anna L. Harvey Dec 2013
A practitioner's guide to tax evidence :a primer on the Federal Rules of Evidence as applied by the Tax Court Joni Larson Dec 2013
Advancing the human right to health Jose M. Zuniga (ed.) Dec 2013
Alzheimer's and the law :counseling clients with dementia and their families Kerry Peck Dec 2013
Animal trials E.P. Evans Dec 2013
Bioethics, medicine, and the criminal law Volume 2, Medicine, crime, and society Danielle Griffiths (ed.) Dec 2013
Book of ages :the life and opinions of Jane Franklin Jill Lepore Dec 2013
Bridges over water :understanding transboundary water conflict, negotiation and cooperation Ariel Dinar Dec 2013
Buried treasure :finders, keepers, and the law Cecil C. Kuhne Dec 2013
Business persons :a legal theory of the firm Eric W. Orts Dec 2013
Cheating lessons :learning from academic dishonesty James M. Lang Dec 2013
Children held hostage :identifying brainwashed children, presenting a case, and crafting solutions Stanley S. Clawar Dec 2013
Citations :out of the box Frank G. Bennett Dec 2013
Cloud computing for lawyers and executives :a global approach Thomas J. Shaw Dec 2013
Complex criminal litigation :prosecuting drug enterprises and organized crime Jimmy Gurule Dec 2013
Corporate governance in the common-law world :the political foundations of shareholder power Christopher M. Bruner Dec 2013
Covering America's courts :a clash of rights Toni Locy Dec 2013
Critical race theory :the cutting edge Richard Delgado (ed.) Dec 2013
Do Muslim women need saving? Lila Abu-Lughod Dec 2013
Dumbing down the courts :how politics keeps the smartest judges off the bench John R. Lott Dec 2013
Essential qualities of the professional lawyer Paul A. Haskins (ed.) Dec 2013
Forum shopping in the international commercial arbitration context Franco Ferrari (ed.) Dec 2013
Health care IT :the essential lawyer's guide to health care information technology and the law Arthur Peabody Jr. (ed.) Dec 2013
Hong Kong's war crimes trials Suzannah Linton (ed.) Dec 2013
Humor in the salt mines :a master lawyer's guide to associate success Asa Rountree Dec 2013
Impulse :why we do what we do without knowing why we do it David Lewis Dec 2013
Individual rights and the making of the international system Christian Reus-Smit Dec 2013
Inside arbitration :how an arbitrator decides labor and employment cases Roger I. Abrams Dec 2013
Intellectual property and the common law Shyamkrishna Balganesh (ed.) Dec 2013
Interstate liability for climate change-related damage Elena Kosolapova Dec 2013
Law and language :effective symbols of community Harold J. Berman Dec 2013
Law and legal process :substantive law and procedure in English legal history Matthew Dyson (ed.) Dec 2013
Learning to lead :what really works for women in law Gindi Eckel Vincent Dec 2013
Legal aid lawyers and the quest for justice Daniel Newman Dec 2013
Lessons in leadership :essential skills for lawyers Thomas C. Grella Dec 2013
Media coverage in criminal justice cases :what prosecutors and defenders should and should not say Andrew E. Taslitz (ed.) Dec 2013
Memoirs and reflections R. Roy McMurtry Dec 2013
Music law for the general practitioner Thomas R. Leavens Dec 2013
Negotiating in civil conflict :constitutional construction and imperfect bargaining in Iraq Haider Ala Hamoudi Dec 2013
Originalism and the good constitution John O. McGinnis Dec 2013
Pass the bar exam :a practical guide to achieving academic & professional goals Sara J. Berman Dec 2013
Patent policy and innovation :do legal rules deliver effective economic outcomes? Hazel V.J. Moir Dec 2013
Regulating public utility performance :the law of market structure, pricing and jurisdiction Scott Hempling Dec 2013
Run your firm like a business :an operations guide for solo practitioner and small law firm Frank T. Lockwood Dec 2013
Sharing a mediator's powers :effective advocacy in settlement Dwight Golann Dec 2013
Speculative medievalisms :discography Dec 2013
Taking the stand :my life in the law Alan M. Dershowitz Dec 2013
Technology solutions for today's lawyer Jeffrey M. Allen Dec 2013
The ABA cybersecurity handbook :a resource for attorneys, law firms, and business professionals Jill D. Rhodes (ed.) Dec 2013
The ABCs of the UCC :Article 2, Sales Henry D. Gabriel Dec 2013
The causes of war.Volume 1,3000 BCE to 1000 CE Alexander Gillespie Dec 2013
The embattled constitution Norman Dorsen (ed.) Dec 2013
The federal information manual :how the government collects, manages, and discloses information under FOIA and other statutes P. Stephen Gidiere Dec 2013
The law in Nazi Germany :ideology, opportunism, and the perversion of justice Alan E. Steinweis (ed.) Dec 2013
The little book of Elvis law Cecil C. Kuhne Dec 2013
The little book of fashion law Ursula Furi-Perry Dec 2013
The lowland :a novel Jhumpa Lahiri Dec 2013
The Practice skills toolkit :tips on ADR, discovery & ethics Dec 2013
The RCRA practice manual Theodore L. Garrett (ed.) Dec 2013
The right moves :job search and career development strategies for lawyers Valerie A. Fontaine Dec 2013
Think like a lawyer :legal reasoning for law students and business professionals Edwin Scott Fruehwald Dec 2013
Toxic tort litigation Arthur F. Foerster (ed.) Dec 2013
Transgender persons and the law Ally Windsor Howell Dec 2013
Understanding disability discrimination law through geography Fayyaz Vellani Dec 2013
What if I say the wrong thing? :25 habits for culturally effective people Verna Myers Dec 2013
World War II law and lawyers :issues, cases, and characters Thomas J. Shaw Dec 2013
Worse than the devil :anarchists, Clarence Darrow, and justice in a time of terror Dean A. Strang Dec 2013
Zoning the oceans :the next big step in coastal zone management John M. Boehnert Dec 2013
Promoting the rule of law :a practitioners' guide to key issues and developments Lelia Mooney (ed.) Dec 2013
The investigator :fifty years of uncovering the truth : a memoir Terry F. Lenzner Dec 2013

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