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New Books (Added October, 2013)

October 2013

Title Author Addedsort icon
A prescription for dignity :rethinking criminal justice and mental disability law Michael L. Perlin Oct 2013
A student's guide to law school :what counts, what helps, and what matters Andrew B. Ayers Oct 2013
A thousand kisses :the letters of Georg and Frieda Lindemeyer 1937-1941 Christoph Moss (ed.) Oct 2013
A wild justice :the death and resurrection of capital punishment in America Evan J. Mandery Oct 2013
©opyright in the digital era :building evidence for policy Stephen A. Merrill (ed.) Oct 2013
American founding son :John Bingham and the invention of the Fourteenth Amendment Gerard N. Magliocca Oct 2013
Arguments that work :strategies, contexts and limits in constitutional litigation Renalta Uitz (ed.) Oct 2013
Challenge and disqualification of arbitrators in international arbitration Karel Daele Oct 2013
Cleopatra :a life Stacy Schiff Oct 2013
Colorado medical marijuana law :tackling the mindboggling and arduous task of implementing this comprehensive statute Ann Toney Oct 2013
Competition act & commentary Elliott Stikeman (ed.) Oct 2013
Competition law and development D. Daniel Sokol (ed.) Oct 2013
Constructing affirmative action :the struggle for equal employment opportunity David Hamilton Golland Oct 2013
Corporate sovereignty :law and government under capitalism Joshua Barkan Oct 2013
Counter-terrorism strategies in a fragmented international legal order :meeting the challenges L.J. van den Herik (ed.) Oct 2013
Dress, law and naked truth :a cultural study of fashion and form Gary Watt Oct 2013
Dressing constitutionally :hierarchy, sexuality, and democracy from our hairstyles to our shoes Ruthann Robson Oct 2013
Fashion law and business :brands & retailers Lois F. Herzeca Oct 2013
Getting past no :negotiating in difficult situations William Ury Oct 2013
Health and human rights Therese Murphy Oct 2013
Inside investigative criminal procedure :what matters and why Julian A. Cook Oct 2013
International aviation law :a practical guide Ronald I.C. Bartsch Oct 2013
Judicialization of politics :the interplay of institutional structure, legal doctrine, and politics on the High Court of Australia Reginald S. Sheehan Oct 2013
Law and the Modern Condition :Literary and Historical Perspectives Carla Spivack Oct 2013
Law, policy and reproductive autonomy Erin Nelson Oct 2013
Law, religion, constitution :freedom of religion, equal treatment, and the law Silvio Ferrari Oct 2013
Making legal history :essays in honor of William E. Nelson Daniel J. Hulsebosch (ed.) Oct 2013
Massive resistance and media suppression :the segregationist response to dissent during the civil rights movement David J. Wallace Oct 2013
Modern perspectives on Islamic law E. Ann Black Oct 2013
Moral entanglements :the ancillary-care obligations of medical researchers Henry S. Richardson Oct 2013
Obscenity rules :Roth v. United States and the long struggle over sexual expression Whitney Strub Oct 2013
Party and procedure in the United States Congress Jacob R. Straus (ed.) Oct 2013
Performance as a remedy :non-monetary relief in international arbitration Michael E. Schneider (ed.) Oct 2013
Proactive law in a business environment Gerlinde Berger-Walliser (ed.) Oct 2013
Professionalism in the real world :lessons for the effective advocate Lisa Penland Oct 2013
Reconstructing American legal realism & rethinking private law theory Hanokh Dagan Oct 2013
Reflections on judging Richard A. Posner Oct 2013
Same-sex marriage in the United States :the road to the Supreme Court Jason Pierceson Oct 2013
The constitution and the future of criminal justice in America John T. Parry (ed.) Oct 2013
The contested removal power, 1789-2010 J. David Alvis Oct 2013
The employment law review Erika C. Collins (ed.) Oct 2013
The great dissent :how Oliver Wendell Holmes changed his mind-- and changed the history of free speech in America Thomas Healy Oct 2013
The internal enemy :slavery and war in Virginia, 1772-1832 Alan Taylor Oct 2013
The law and ecology of pesticides and pest management Mary Jane Angelo Oct 2013
The law of higher education :a comprehensive guide to legal implications of administrative decision making William A. Kaplin Oct 2013
The lost cause :the trials of Frank and Jesse James James P. Muehlberger Oct 2013
The moral compass of the American lawyer :truth, justice, power, and greed Richard A. Zitrin Oct 2013
The new what can you do with a law degree :A lawyer's guide to career satisfaction inside, outside & around the law Larry Richard Oct 2013
The price of justice :a true story of greed and corruption Laurence Leamer Oct 2013
The regulatory revolution at the FTC : a thirty-year perspective on competition and consumer protection James Cooper (ed.) Oct 2013
The Second Amendment on trial :critical essays on District of Columbia v. Heller Saul Cornell (ed.) Oct 2013
The UNCITRAL model law after twenty-five years :global perspectives on international commercial arbitration Frederic Bachand (ed.) Oct 2013
Unbound :how entrepreneurship is dramatically transforming legal services today David J. Galbenski Oct 2013
Without copyrights :piracy, publishing, and the public domain Robert E. Spoo Oct 2013
Wrong and dangerous :ten right-wing myths about our constitution Garrett Epps Oct 2013

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