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New Books (Added July, 2013)

July 2013

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A lawyer's guide to understanding psychiatry John S. Carbone Jul 2013
A practical guide to trade policy analysis Jul 2013
A storm over this court :law, politics, and Supreme Court decision making in Brown v. Board of Education Jeffrey D. Hockett Jul 2013
According to our hearts :Rhinelander v. Rhinelander and the law of the multiracial family Angela Onwuachi-Willig Jul 2013
Against autonomy :justifying coercive paternalism Sarah Conly Jul 2013
America's war on terror :the state of the 9/11 exception from Bush to Obama Jason G. Ralph Jul 2013
Basic training manual on investigating and prosecuting the smuggling of migrants Jul 2013
Battered women, their children, and international law :the unintended consequences of the Hague Child Abduction Convention Taryn Lindhorst Jul 2013
Best practices for building a high-tech law school :the process of designing educational spaces April Mara Barton Jul 2013
Biglaw :how to survive the first two years of practice in a mega-firm, or, the art of doc review Sarah Powell Jul 2013
Challenges to religious liberty in the twenty-first century Gerard V. Bradley (ed.) Jul 2013
Chasing Gideon :the elusive quest for poor people's justice Karen Houppert Jul 2013
Child custody and visitation disputes in Sweden and the United States :a study of love, justice, and knowledge Diane M. Pranzo Jul 2013
Coherence and fragmentation in European private law Pia Letto-Vanamo (ed.) Jul 2013
Comparative legal linguistics :language of law, Latin and modern lingua francas Heikki E.S. Mattila Jul 2013
Consequential courts :judicial roles in global perspective Diana Kapiszewski (ed.) Jul 2013
Courting democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina :the Hague Tribunal's impact in a postwar state Lara J. Nettelfield Jul 2013
Design of constitutions Stefan Voigt (ed.) Jul 2013
Equality in education law and policy, 1954-2010 Benjamin Michael Superfine Jul 2013
Expropriation Jul 2013
Finding your voice in law school :mastering classroom cold calls, job interviews, and other verbal challenges Molly Bishop Shadel Jul 2013
Forgotten justice :the forms of justice in the history of legal and political theory Allan Beever Jul 2013
Forum on crime and society.Vol. 6, nos. 1 and 2, 2007,Special issue : the state of the world's response to the crime of human trafficking Sandeep Chawla (ed.) Jul 2013
Freedom of speech and society :a social approach to freedom of expression Harry Melkonian Jul 2013
Frequently asked antitrust questions Jul 2013
From Gutenberg to the internet :free speech, advancing technology, and the implications for democracy Russell L. Weaver Jul 2013
Google and the law :empirical approaches to legal aspects of knowledge-economy business models Aurelio Lopez-Tarruella (ed.) Jul 2013
Human trafficking around the world :hidden in plain sight Stephanie Hepburn Jul 2013
Illegal migrations and the Huckleberry Finn problem John S.W. Park Jul 2013
Intellectual liberty :natural rights and intellectual property Hugh Breakey Jul 2013
International commercial arbitration advocacy :a practitioner's guide for American lawyers H. Roderic Heard Jul 2013
International criminal procedure :principles and rules Goran Sluiter (ed.) Jul 2013
International maritime security law James Kraska Jul 2013
Judicial decision making in civil law :determinants, dynamics, and delusions Raimond W.M. Giard (ed.) Jul 2013
Kurzban's immigration law sourcebook :a comprehensive outline and reference tool Ira J. Kurzban Jul 2013
Law as engineering :thinking about what lawyers do David Howarth Jul 2013
Law, virtue and justice Amalia Amaya (ed.) Jul 2013
Legal orientalism :China, the United States, and modern law Teemu Ruskola Jul 2013
Legislative drafting step-by-step Arthur J. Rynearson Jul 2013
Modern piracy :legal challenges and responses Douglas Guilfoyle (ed.) Jul 2013
Non-legality in international law :unruly law Fleur Johns Jul 2013
Non-state actors, soft law, and protective regimes :from the margins Cecilia M. Bailliet (ed.) Jul 2013
Nuclear weapons, justice and the law Elli Louka Jul 2013
Patents as protection of traditional medical knowledge? :a law and economics analysis Petra Ebermann Jul 2013
Psychology for lawyers :understanding the human factors in negotiation, litigation, and decision making Jennifer K. Robbennolt Jul 2013
Public international law :contemporary principles and perspectives Gideon Boas Jul 2013
Readings in persuasion :briefs that changed the world Linda Holdeman Edwards Jul 2013
Regulation :a primer Susan E. Dudley Jul 2013
Rhetoric and discourse in Supreme Court oral arguments :sensemaking in judicial decisions Ryan A. Malphurs Jul 2013
Secrecy, national security and the vindication of constitutional law David Cole (ed.) Jul 2013
Secret reports on Nazi Germany :the Frankfurt School contribution to the war effort Franz Neumann Jul 2013
Slavery in international law :of human exploitation and trafficking Jean Allain Jul 2013
Suing alma mater :higher education and the courts Michael A. Olivas Jul 2013
The adversary First Amendment :free expression and the foundations of American democracy Martin H. Redish Jul 2013
The American illness :essays on the rule of law F.H. Buckley (ed.) Jul 2013
The concept of group rights in international law :groups as contested right-holders, subjects and legal persons Corsin Bisaz Jul 2013
The definitive guide to complying with the HIPAA/HITECH privacy and security rules John J. Trinckes Jul 2013
The Democratic Foundations of policy diffusion :how health, family and employment laws spread across countries Katerina Linos Jul 2013
The development and effectiveness of international administrative law :on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the World Bank Administrative Tribunal Elias Olufemi (ed.) Jul 2013
The duty to cooperate in international sales :the scope and role of Article 80 CISG Thomas Neumann Jul 2013
The effective deposition :techniques and strategies that work David M. Malone Jul 2013
The great degeneration :how institutions decay and economies die Niall Ferguson Jul 2013
The healthcare case :the Supreme Court's decision and its implications Nathaniel Persily (ed.) Jul 2013
The language of law and economics :a dictionary Francesco Parisi Jul 2013
The laws of spaceflight :a guidebook for new space lawyers Matthew J. Kleiman Jul 2013
The logic of law-making in Islam :women and prayer in the legal tradition Behnam Sadeghi Jul 2013
The new complete code of Hammurabi H. Dieter Viel (ed.) Jul 2013
The planning theory of law :a critical reading Damiano Canale Jul 2013
The power of habeas corpus in America :from the King's Prerogative to the War on Terror Anthony Gregory Jul 2013
The relationship between economic, social and cultural rights and international humanitarian law :an analysis of health-related issues in non-international armed conflics Amrei Muller Jul 2013
The significance of borders :why representative government and the rule of law require nation states Thierry Baudet Jul 2013
The Supreme Court compendium :data, decisions, and developments Lee Epstein Jul 2013
The Supreme Court justices :illustrated biographies, 1789-2012 Clare Cushman (ed.) Jul 2013
The tragedy of religious freedom Marc O. DeGirolami Jul 2013
The war on terror :the legal dimension James P. Terry Jul 2013
Trademark and deceptive advertising surveys :law, science, and design Shari S. Diamond (ed.) Jul 2013
UNCITRAL legislative guide on insolvency law. Part three: treatment of enterprise groups in insolvency Jul 2013
United Nations rule of law indicators: implementation guide and project tools Jul 2013
Unveiling the mind :the legal position of women in Islam : a South African context Najma Moosa Jul 2013
Women in classical Islamic law :a survey of the sources Susan A. Spectorsky Jul 2013

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