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New Books (Added July, 2013)

July 2013

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Women in classical Islamic law :a survey of the sources Susan A. Spectorsky Jul 2013
Unveiling the mind :the legal position of women in Islam : a South African context Najma Moosa Jul 2013
United Nations rule of law indicators: implementation guide and project tools Jul 2013
UNCITRAL legislative guide on insolvency law. Part three: treatment of enterprise groups in insolvency Jul 2013
Trademark and deceptive advertising surveys :law, science, and design Shari S. Diamond (ed.) Jul 2013
The war on terror :the legal dimension James P. Terry Jul 2013
The tragedy of religious freedom Marc O. DeGirolami Jul 2013
The Supreme Court justices :illustrated biographies, 1789-2012 Clare Cushman (ed.) Jul 2013
The Supreme Court compendium :data, decisions, and developments Lee Epstein Jul 2013
The significance of borders :why representative government and the rule of law require nation states Thierry Baudet Jul 2013
The relationship between economic, social and cultural rights and international humanitarian law :an analysis of health-related issues in non-international armed conflics Amrei Muller Jul 2013
The power of habeas corpus in America :from the King's Prerogative to the War on Terror Anthony Gregory Jul 2013
The planning theory of law :a critical reading Damiano Canale Jul 2013
The new complete code of Hammurabi H. Dieter Viel (ed.) Jul 2013
The logic of law-making in Islam :women and prayer in the legal tradition Behnam Sadeghi Jul 2013
The laws of spaceflight :a guidebook for new space lawyers Matthew J. Kleiman Jul 2013
The language of law and economics :a dictionary Francesco Parisi Jul 2013
The healthcare case :the Supreme Court's decision and its implications Nathaniel Persily (ed.) Jul 2013
The great degeneration :how institutions decay and economies die Niall Ferguson Jul 2013
The effective deposition :techniques and strategies that work David M. Malone Jul 2013
The duty to cooperate in international sales :the scope and role of Article 80 CISG Thomas Neumann Jul 2013
The development and effectiveness of international administrative law :on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the World Bank Administrative Tribunal Elias Olufemi (ed.) Jul 2013
The Democratic Foundations of policy diffusion :how health, family and employment laws spread across countries Katerina Linos Jul 2013
The definitive guide to complying with the HIPAA/HITECH privacy and security rules John J. Trinckes Jul 2013
The concept of group rights in international law :groups as contested right-holders, subjects and legal persons Corsin Bisaz Jul 2013
The American illness :essays on the rule of law F.H. Buckley (ed.) Jul 2013
The adversary First Amendment :free expression and the foundations of American democracy Martin H. Redish Jul 2013
Suing alma mater :higher education and the courts Michael A. Olivas Jul 2013
Slavery in international law :of human exploitation and trafficking Jean Allain Jul 2013
Secret reports on Nazi Germany :the Frankfurt School contribution to the war effort Franz Neumann Jul 2013
Secrecy, national security and the vindication of constitutional law David Cole (ed.) Jul 2013
Rhetoric and discourse in Supreme Court oral arguments :sensemaking in judicial decisions Ryan A. Malphurs Jul 2013
Regulation :a primer Susan E. Dudley Jul 2013
Readings in persuasion :briefs that changed the world Linda Holdeman Edwards Jul 2013
Public international law :contemporary principles and perspectives Gideon Boas Jul 2013
Psychology for lawyers :understanding the human factors in negotiation, litigation, and decision making Jennifer K. Robbennolt Jul 2013
Patents as protection of traditional medical knowledge? :a law and economics analysis Petra Ebermann Jul 2013
Nuclear weapons, justice and the law Elli Louka Jul 2013
Non-state actors, soft law, and protective regimes :from the margins Cecilia M. Bailliet (ed.) Jul 2013
Non-legality in international law :unruly law Fleur Johns Jul 2013
Modern piracy :legal challenges and responses Douglas Guilfoyle (ed.) Jul 2013
Legislative drafting step-by-step Arthur J. Rynearson Jul 2013
Legal orientalism :China, the United States, and modern law Teemu Ruskola Jul 2013
Law, virtue and justice Amalia Amaya (ed.) Jul 2013
Law as engineering :thinking about what lawyers do David Howarth Jul 2013
Kurzban's immigration law sourcebook :a comprehensive outline and reference tool Ira J. Kurzban Jul 2013
Judicial decision making in civil law :determinants, dynamics, and delusions Raimond W.M. Giard (ed.) Jul 2013
International maritime security law James Kraska Jul 2013
International criminal procedure :principles and rules Goran Sluiter (ed.) Jul 2013
International commercial arbitration advocacy :a practitioner's guide for American lawyers H. Roderic Heard Jul 2013
Intellectual liberty :natural rights and intellectual property Hugh Breakey Jul 2013
Illegal migrations and the Huckleberry Finn problem John S.W. Park Jul 2013
Human trafficking around the world :hidden in plain sight Stephanie Hepburn Jul 2013
Google and the law :empirical approaches to legal aspects of knowledge-economy business models Aurelio Lopez-Tarruella (ed.) Jul 2013
From Gutenberg to the internet :free speech, advancing technology, and the implications for democracy Russell L. Weaver Jul 2013
Frequently asked antitrust questions Jul 2013
Freedom of speech and society :a social approach to freedom of expression Harry Melkonian Jul 2013
Forum on crime and society.Vol. 6, nos. 1 and 2, 2007,Special issue : the state of the world's response to the crime of human trafficking Sandeep Chawla (ed.) Jul 2013
Forgotten justice :the forms of justice in the history of legal and political theory Allan Beever Jul 2013
Finding your voice in law school :mastering classroom cold calls, job interviews, and other verbal challenges Molly Bishop Shadel Jul 2013
Expropriation Jul 2013
Equality in education law and policy, 1954-2010 Benjamin Michael Superfine Jul 2013
Design of constitutions Stefan Voigt (ed.) Jul 2013
Courting democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina :the Hague Tribunal's impact in a postwar state Lara J. Nettelfield Jul 2013
Consequential courts :judicial roles in global perspective Diana Kapiszewski (ed.) Jul 2013
Comparative legal linguistics :language of law, Latin and modern lingua francas Heikki E.S. Mattila Jul 2013
Coherence and fragmentation in European private law Pia Letto-Vanamo (ed.) Jul 2013
Child custody and visitation disputes in Sweden and the United States :a study of love, justice, and knowledge Diane M. Pranzo Jul 2013
Chasing Gideon :the elusive quest for poor people's justice Karen Houppert Jul 2013
Challenges to religious liberty in the twenty-first century Gerard V. Bradley (ed.) Jul 2013
Biglaw :how to survive the first two years of practice in a mega-firm, or, the art of doc review Sarah Powell Jul 2013
Best practices for building a high-tech law school :the process of designing educational spaces April Mara Barton Jul 2013
Battered women, their children, and international law :the unintended consequences of the Hague Child Abduction Convention Taryn Lindhorst Jul 2013
Basic training manual on investigating and prosecuting the smuggling of migrants Jul 2013
America's war on terror :the state of the 9/11 exception from Bush to Obama Jason G. Ralph Jul 2013
Against autonomy :justifying coercive paternalism Sarah Conly Jul 2013
According to our hearts :Rhinelander v. Rhinelander and the law of the multiracial family Angela Onwuachi-Willig Jul 2013
A storm over this court :law, politics, and Supreme Court decision making in Brown v. Board of Education Jeffrey D. Hockett Jul 2013
A practical guide to trade policy analysis Jul 2013
A lawyer's guide to understanding psychiatry John S. Carbone Jul 2013

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