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New Books (Added June, 2013)

June 2013

Titlesort icon Author Added
Writing essay exams to succeed in law school (not just to survive) John C. Dernbach Jun 2013
Why jury duty matters :a citizen's guide to constitutional action Andrew G. Ferguson Jun 2013
When robots kill: artificial intelligence under criminal law. Gabriel Hallevy Jun 2013
Unaccountable: what hospitals won't tell you and how transparency can revolutionize health care Marty Makary Jun 2013
Trial tactics Stephen A. Saltzburg Jun 2013
Trial manual for defense attorneys in juvenile delinquency cases Randy Hertz Jun 2013
Transitional justice in post-communist Romania :the politics of memory Lavinia Stan Jun 2013
Tomorrow's lawyers: an introduction to your future. Richard E. Susskind Jun 2013
To save everything, click here :the folly of technological solutionism Evgeny Morozov Jun 2013
Time and workplace management for lawyers Amy L. Jarmon Jun 2013
Theft of a nation: Wall Street looting and federal regulatory colluding Gregg Barak Jun 2013
The UNCITRAL arbitration rules: a commentary: (with an integrated and comparative discussion of the 2010 and 1976 UNCITRAL arbitration rules) David D. Caron Jun 2013
The U.S. Supreme Court and new federalism: from the Rehnquist to the Roberts court Christopher P. Banks Jun 2013
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in East Timor W. van der Wolfe Jun 2013
The TRIPS regime of patent rights Nuno Pires de Carvalho Jun 2013
The tough luck constitution and the assault on health care reform Andrew Koppelman Jun 2013
The Supreme Court, federal taxation, and the Constitution Jasper L. Cummings Jun 2013
The Supreme Court and the presidency :struggles for supremacy Julie Novkov Jun 2013
The security of energy supply in the European Union Jean-Arnold Vinois Jun 2013
The Roberts court: the struggle for the constitution Marcia Coyle Jun 2013
The Republic afloat: law, honor, and citizenship in maritime America Matthew Taylor Raffety Jun 2013
The regulatory aftermath of the global financial crisis Eilis Ferran Jun 2013
The puzzle of unanimity :consensus on the United States Supreme Court Pamela C. Corley Jun 2013
The President's czars :undermining Congress and the Constitution Mitchel A. Sollenberger Jun 2013
The practitioner's guide to the PCT Jay A. Erstling Jun 2013
The partisan: the life of William Rehnquist John A. Jenkins Jun 2013
The natural law foundations of modern social theory: a quest for universalism Daniel Chernilo Jun 2013
The moral imagination and the legal life: beyond text in legal education Zenon Bankowski Jun 2013
The Military Commissions Act and detainee trials Joshua Segel Jun 2013
The Middle voice :mediating conflict successfully Joseph B. Stulberg Jun 2013
The long, lingering shadow: slavery, race, and law in the American hemisphere Robert J. Cottrol Jun 2013
The little book of foodie law Cecil C. Kuhne Jun 2013
The little book of cowboy law Cecil C. Kuhne Jun 2013
The legal reasoning of the Court of Justice of the EU Gunnar Beck Jun 2013
The lawyer's guide to building your practice with referrals Steven J. Shaer Jun 2013
The lawyer bubble: a profession in crisis Steven J. Harper Jun 2013
The laws of nature: reflections on the evolution of ecosystem management law and policy Kalyani Robbins Jun 2013
The law of superheroes James Daily Jun 2013
The law governing lawyers :national rules, standards, statutes, and state lawyer codes Susan R. Martyn Jun 2013
The globalization of health care: legal and ethical issues I. Glenn Cohen Jun 2013
The future of international law: global government Joel P. Trachtman Jun 2013
The forgotten presidents: their untold constitutional legacy Michael J. Gerhardt Jun 2013
The fight over digital rights: the politics of copyright and technology Bill D. Herman Jun 2013
The essential guide to handling workplace harassment & discrimination Deborah C. England Jun 2013
The Espionage and Sedition Acts of World War I :using wartime loyalty laws for revenge and profit Daniel G. Donalson Jun 2013
The dynamic constitution :an introduction to American constitutional law and practice Richard H. Fallon Jun 2013
The case against the Davis-Bacon act :54 reasons for repeal Armand J. Thieblot Jun 2013
The baseball trust: a history of baseball's antitrust exemption Stuart Banner Jun 2013
The arts and the legal academy :beyond text in legal education Zenon Benikowski (ed.) Jun 2013
The arc of due process in American constitutional law E. Thomas Sullivan Jun 2013
The American legal profession in crisis: resistance and responses to change James E. Moliterno Jun 2013
The Advisor's guide to long-term care R. David Watros (ed.) Jun 2013
The ABA practical guide to drafting basic Islamic finance contracts Dena H. Elkhatib Jun 2013
Testing times: the effectiveness of five international biodiversity-related conventions Karin Baakman Jun 2013
Testifying in court :guidelines and maxims for the expert witness Stanley L. Brodsky Jun 2013
Tallinn manual on the international law applicable to cyber warfare Michael N. Schmitt (ed.) Jun 2013
Signposts: new directions in Southern legal history Sally E. Hadden Jun 2013
Sexual orientation, gender identity, and the constitution Peter Nicolas Jun 2013
Settlement negotiation techniques in family law :a guide to improved tactics and resolution Gregg M. Herman Jun 2013
Scholarly writing :ideas, examples, and execution Jessica L. Clark Jun 2013
Saving the neighborhood: racially restrictive covenants, law, and social norms Richard Rexford Wayne Brooks Jun 2013
Sales, leases and electronic commerce: problems and materials on national and international transactions Harry M. Flechtner Jun 2013
Run for the border :vice and virtue in U.S.-Mexico border crossings Steven Bender Jun 2013
Restoring justice: the speeches of Attorney General Edward H. Levi Edward H. Levi Jun 2013
Reproductive politics: what everyone needs to know Rickie Solinger Jun 2013
Regulating code: good governance and better regulation in the information age Ian Brown Jun 2013
Rebels at the bar: the fascinating, forgotten stories of America's first women lawyers Jill Norgren Jun 2013
Re-reading Foucault :on law, power and rights Ben Golder (ed.) Jun 2013
Rationing health care :hard choices and unavoidable trade-offs Andre den Exter Jun 2013
Race, law, and American society :1607-present Gloria J. Browne-Marshall Jun 2013
Punishment, participatory democracy, and the jury Albert W. Dzur Jun 2013
Protesting affirmative action: the struggle over equality after the civil rights revolution Dennis Deslippe Jun 2013
Privatizing war :private military and security companies under public international law Lindsey Cameron Jun 2013
Privatising the public university :the case of law Margaret Thornton Jun 2013
Privacy and data protection in business :laws and practices Jonathan Ezor Jun 2013
Prenuptial agreements :how to write a fair and lasting contract Katherine E. Stoner Jun 2013
Plain English for drafting statutes and rules Robert J. Martineau Jun 2013
Pen and ink witchcraft :treaties and treaty making in American Indian history Colin G. Calloway Jun 2013
Payback: the case for revenge Thane Rosenbaum Jun 2013
Patently outdated :patents in the post-industrial economy : the case for service patents Nuno Pires de Carvalho Jun 2013
Patenting medical and genetic diagnostic methods Eddy D. Ventose Jun 2013
Patent law essentials :a concise guide Alan L. Durham Jun 2013
Patent application drafting: a practical guide Morgan D. Rosenberg Jun 2013
Observing law through systems theory Richard Nobles Jun 2013
Objectivity in law and legal reasoning Jaakko Husa Jun 2013
Nuanced absolutism :Floyd Abrams & the First Amendment Ronald K. L. Collins Jun 2013
New pleading in the twenty-first century :slamming the federal courthouse doors? Scott Dodson Jun 2013
New critical legal thinking :law and the political Matthew Stone (ed.) Jun 2013
Music law :how to run your band's business Richard Stim Jun 2013
Mrs. Shipley's ghost: the right to travel and terrorist watchlists Jeffrey Kahn Jun 2013
Mismatch :how affirmative action hurts students it's intended to help, and why universities won't admit it Richard Henry Sander Jun 2013
Math on trial: how numbers get used and abused in the courtroom Leila Schneps Jun 2013
Mastering the art and skill of listening :a guide to negotiation Jeffrey Hugh Newman Jun 2013
Mastering partnership taxation Stuart Lazar Jun 2013
Lost in translation :effective legal writing for the international legal community Kevin J. Frandl Jun 2013
Long wars and the Constitution Stephen M. Griffin Jun 2013
LLC or corporation? :how to choose the right form for your business Anthony Mancuso Jun 2013
Life after death row :exonerees' search for community and identity Saundra Davis Westervelt Jun 2013
Legitimate target :a criteria-based approach to targeted killing Amos N. Guiora Jun 2013
Legally mom :real women's stories of balancing motherhood & law practice Anne Murphy Brown Jun 2013
Legal writing in the disciplines :a guide to legal writing mastery Teri A. McMurtry-Chubb Jun 2013
Legal writing Richard K. Neumann Jun 2013
Legal analysis :100 exercises for mastery : practice for every law student Cassandra L. Hill Jun 2013
Learning to love Form 1040: two cheers for the return-based mass income tax Lawrence Zelenak Jun 2013
Laws and societies in global contexts: contemporary approaches Eve Darian-Smith Jun 2013
Law and tradition in classical Islamic thought :studies in honor of Professor Hossein Modarressi Michael Cook (ed.) Jun 2013
Killer show :The Station nightclub fire, America's deadliest rock concert John Barylick Jun 2013
Just writing :grammar, punctuation, and style for the legal writer Anne Enquist Jun 2013
Judicial Independence in China :an attainable principle? Yuwen Li Jun 2013
John Gower and the limits of the law Conrad van Dijk Jun 2013
Israel and the struggle over the international laws of war Peter Berkowitz Jun 2013
Investor-state arbitration Christopher F. Dugan Jun 2013
Internet branding for lawyers: building the client-centered website Jeff Lantz Jun 2013
International law and the changing character of war Raul A. Pedrozo Jun 2013
Interdisciplinary perspectives on international law and international relations :the state of the art Jeffrey L. Dunoff (ed.) Jun 2013
Intellectual property deskbook for the business lawyer :a transactions-based guide to intellectual property law Sharon K. Sandeen (ed.) Jun 2013
Intellectual property commercialization :policy options and practical instruments Jun 2013
Intellectual property and private international law :comparative perspectives Toshiyuki Kono Jun 2013
In-house :a lawyers guide to getting a corporate legal position David J. Parnell Jun 2013
In the public interest: medical licensing and the disciplinary process Ruth Horowitz Jun 2013
Human rights in our own backyard: injustice and resistance in the United States William T. Armaline Jun 2013
Human cloning: four fallacies and their legal consequences Kerry Lynn Macintosh Jun 2013
HIV & AIDS benchbook Joshua Bachrach (ed.) Jun 2013
Handbook on psychopathy and law Kent A. Kiehl Jun 2013
Gun guys: a road trip Dan Baum Jun 2013
Guide to legal writing style Terri LeClercq Jun 2013
Green governance: ecological survival, human rights, and the law of the commons Burns H. Weston Jun 2013
Governing security :the hidden origins of American security agencies Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar Jun 2013
Governance by indicators: global power through quantification and rankings Kevin E. Davis Jun 2013
Google Gmail and calendar in one hour for lawyers Carole A. Levitt Jun 2013
Gender, religion, & family law :theorizing conflicts between women's rights and cultural traditions Lisa Fishbayn (ed.) Jun 2013
Gender, national security and counter-terrorism: human rights perspectives Margaret L. Satterthwaite Jun 2013
Friend of the court :on the front lines with the First Amendment Floyd Abrams Jun 2013
Fostering innovative entrepreneurship: challenges and policy options Jun 2013
For liberty and equality: the life and times of the Declaration of Independence Alexander Tsesis Jun 2013
Felony disenfranchisement in America: historical origins, institutional racism, and modern consequences Katherine Irene Pettus Jun 2013
Father, son, and constitution: how Justice Tom Clark and Attorney General Ramsey Clark shaped American democracy Alexander Wohl Jun 2013
Family law trial evidence handbook :rules and precedures for effective advocacy Steven N. Peskind Jun 2013
Every dog's legal guide :a must-have book for your owner Mary Randolph Jun 2013
European private international law Geert van Calster Jun 2013
Environmental issues in business transactions Lawrence P. Schnapf (ed.) Jun 2013
Environmental governance of the great seas: law and effect Joseph F. DiMento Jun 2013
Energy, utility, transportation and environmental law for the 21st century :a collection Peter V. Lacouture (ed.) Jun 2013
Discovery problems and their solutions Paul W. Grimm Jun 2013
Disabled education :a critical analysis of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Ruth Colker Jun 2013
Development by agreement: a tool kit for land developers and local governments David L. Callies Jun 2013
Demosthenes of Athens and the fall of classical Greece Ian Worthington Jun 2013
Democracy of sound: music piracy and the remaking of American copyright in the twentieth century Alex Sayf Cummings Jun 2013
Critical queer studies :law, film, and fiction in contemporary American culture Casey Charles Jun 2013
Criminal law forms Kenneth A. Vercammen Jun 2013
Creativity and its discontents :China's creative industries and intellectual property rights offenses Laikwan Pang Jun 2013
Courthouse democracy and minority rights :same-sex marriage in the states Robert J. Hume Jun 2013
Counter terrorism issues: case studies in the courtroom James Castagnera Jun 2013
Counsel misconduct before the International Criminal Court :professional responsibility in international criminal defence Till Gut Jun 2013
Copyright and popular media :liberal villains and technological change Trajce Cvetkovski Jun 2013
Constitutional limitations of interviewing and interrogations in American policing Ross Wolf Jun 2013
Confessions of guilt :from torture to Miranda and beyond George C. Thomas Jun 2013
Comparative issues in the governance of research biobanks: property, privacy, intellectual property, and the role of technology Giovanni Pascuzzi Jun 2013
Communications law and policy in the digital age: the next five years Randolph J. (ed.) May Jun 2013
Child rights :the movement, international law, and opposition Clark Butler (ed.) Jun 2013
Chaucer, Gower, and the vernacular rising :poetry and the problem of the populace after 1381 Lynn Arner Jun 2013
Charting the divide between common and civil law Thomas Lundmark Jun 2013
Cassese's international criminal law Antonio Cassese Jun 2013
Caring and the law Jonathan Herring Jun 2013
Careers in IP law :avenues and opportunities Jun 2013
Carbon capture and sequestration :removing the legal and regulatory barriers L. Granger Morgan Jun 2013
Captured by evil :the idea of corruption in law Laura S. Underkuffler Jun 2013
Building your practice with pro bono for lawyers Nelson Miller Jun 2013
Bioinformatics law :legal issues for computational biology in the post-genome era Jorge L. Contreras (ed.) Jun 2013
Bending toward justice: the Voting Rights Act and the transformation of American democracy Gary May Jun 2013
Balancing liberty and security: the human rights pendulum Ludovic (ed.) Hennebel Jun 2013
Arming and disarming: a history of gun control in Canada R. Blake Brown Jun 2013
Android apps in one hour for lawyers Daniel J. Siegel Jun 2013
American lawyers: public servants and the development of a nation Paul D. Carrington Jun 2013
A practical guide to software licensing for licensees and licensors H. Ward Classen Jun 2013
A manual of style for contract drafting Kenneth A. Adams Jun 2013
A guide to the world anti-doping code: a fight for the spirit of sport Paul David Jun 2013
A death at Crooked Creek: the case of the cowboy, the cigarmaker, and the love letter Marianne Wesson Jun 2013
A companion to American legal history Sally E. (ed.) Hadden Jun 2013
"One L of a year" :how to maximize your success in Law school Leah M. Christensen Jun 2013

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