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New Books (Added February, 2013)

February 2013

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A claimants guide to understanding and presenting injury damages: a damages expert's perspective. Michael Shahnasarian Feb 2013
A disrupted balance?: prevention of terrorism and compliance with fundamental legal rights and principles of law: the Dutch anti-terrorism legislation. Karin Veegens Feb 2013
After oppression: transitional justice in Latin America and Eastern Europe. Vesselin (ed.) Popovski Feb 2013
America's unwritten constitution: the precedents and principles we live by. Akhil Reed Amar Feb 2013
Avoiding extinction: reimagining legal services for the 21st century. Mitch Kowalski Feb 2013
Best practices report on the use of adjunct faculty. Feb 2013
Blogging in one hour for lawyers. Ernie Svenson Feb 2013
Captive audience: the telecom industry and monopoly power in the new gilded age. Susan P. Crawford Feb 2013
Children and the Internet: a global guide for lawyers and parents. Thomas J. Shaw Feb 2013
Civic fusion: mediating polarized public disputes. Susan L. Podziba Feb 2013
Civil rights in the shadow of slavery: the constitution, common law, and the Civil Rights Act of 1866. George Rutherglen Feb 2013
Civil War P.O.W.: the life & death of a Civil War farmer, lawyer, soldier. Larry A. Jones Feb 2013
Cluster munitions and international law: disarmament with a human face? Alexander Breitegger Feb 2013
Code wars: 10 years of P2P software litigation. Rebecca Giblin Feb 2013
Commercial mediation in Europe: an empirical study of the user experience. Ewald A. Filler Feb 2013
Constitutions compared: an introduction to comparative constitutional law. A. W. Heringa Feb 2013
Courting kids: inside an experimental youth court. Carla J. Barrett Feb 2013
Digital evidence: computer forensics and legal issues arising from computer investigations. Michael J. Hannon Feb 2013
Dignity, rank, and rights. Jeremy Waldron Feb 2013
Effective legal negotiation and settlement. Charles B. Craver Feb 2013
Entrepreneurship and innovation in evolving economies: the role of law. Megan M. (ed.) Carpenter Feb 2013
Estate planning for same-sex couples. Joan M. Burda Feb 2013
EU private international law. Peter Stone Feb 2013
For torture: a rights-based defense. Stephen Kershnar Feb 2013
Forensic science. D. P. Lyle Feb 2013
Freaks of fortune: the emerging world of capitalism and risk in America. Jonathan Levy Feb 2013
General Henry Lewis Benning: this was a man: a biography of Georgia's Supreme Court justice and Confederate general. J. David Dameron Feb 2013
Global parliamentary report: the changing nature of parliamentary representation. Greg Power Feb 2013
Group representation, feminist theory, and the promise of justice. Angela D. Ledford Feb 2013
Handbook on law, innovation and growth. Robert (ed.) Litan Feb 2013
Humanitarian law in action within Africa. Jennifer Moore Feb 2013
Informal carers and private law. Brian Sloan Feb 2013
Injustice on appeal: the United States Courts of Appeals in crisis. William M. Richman Feb 2013
Inside jurors' minds: the hierarchy of juror decision-making: a primer on the psychology of persuasion: the trial lawyer's guide to understanding how jurors think. Carol B. Anderson Feb 2013
International criminal procedure. Christoph Johannes Maria Safferling Feb 2013
Introduction to e-discovery: new cases, ideas, and techniques. Ralph C. Losey Feb 2013
Investigating the workplace harassment claim. Elizabeth Koller Whittenbury Feb 2013
John McKinley and the antebellum Supreme Court: circuit riding in the old Southwest. Steven Preston Brown Feb 2013
Judging social rights. Jegg King Feb 2013
Just sentencing: principles and procedures for a workable system. Richard S. Frase Feb 2013
Law's history: American legal thought and the transatlantic turn to history. David M. Rabban Feb 2013
Lawyers at work. Clare Cosslett Feb 2013
Legal research: how to find & understand the law. Stephen Elias Feb 2013
Limits of patentability: plant sciences, stem cells and nucleic acids. Andreas Hubel Feb 2013
Locked down: information security for lawyers. Sharon D. Nelson Feb 2013
Market definition in antitrust: theory and case studies. Feb 2013
Neoconservative politics and the Supreme Court: law, power, and democracy. Stephen M., Feldman Feb 2013
Patent law. Janice M. Mueller Feb 2013
Pennsylvania special needs planning guide: a handbook for trustees of special needs trusts and their advisors. Julieanne E. Steinbacher Feb 2013
Prosecution among friends: presidents, attorneys general, and executive branch wrongdoing. David Alistair Yalof Feb 2013
Protecting trade secrets before, during, and after litigation: an insider's guide to identifying and protecting trade secrets for trial lawyers and in-house counsel. Chris Scott Graham Feb 2013
Race in a bottle: the story of BiDil and racialized medicine in a post-genomic age. Jonathan Kahn Feb 2013
Reason and imagination: the selected correspondence of Learned Hand 1897-1961. Constance Jordan Feb 2013
Recidivist punishments: the philosopher's view. Claudio (ed.) Tamburrini Feb 2013
Regulation of agricultural biotechnology: the United States and Canada. Chris A. (ed.) Wozniak Feb 2013
Scotch verdict: the real-life story that inspired the children's hour. Lillian Faderman Feb 2013
Solomon's knot: how law can end the poverty of nations. Robert Cooter Feb 2013
Stress, trauma, and wellbeing in the legal system. Monica K. (ed.) Miller Feb 2013
Tax increment financing. David (ed.) Callies Feb 2013
The 9/11 effect: comparative counter-terrorism. Kent Roach Feb 2013
The counterinsurgent's constitution: law in the age of small wars. Ganesh Sitaraman Feb 2013
The death penalty: debating the moral, legal, and political issues. Robert M. (ed.) Baird Feb 2013
The digital rights movement: the role of technology in subverting digital copyright. Hector Postigo Feb 2013
The dual system of privacy rights in the United States. Mary McThomas Feb 2013
The euthanasia/assisted-suicide debate. Demetra M. Pappas Feb 2013
The failed promise of originalism. Frank B. Cross Feb 2013
The founders and finance: how Hamilton, Gallatin, and other immigrants forged a new economy. Thomas K. McCraw Feb 2013
The human right to water: significance, legal status and implications for water allocation. Inga T. Winkler Feb 2013
The illicit trade in art and antiquities: international recovery and criminal and civil liability. Janet Ulph Feb 2013
The illustrated guide to criminal law. Nathaniel Burney Feb 2013
The impossible state: Islam, politics, and modernity's moral predicament. Wael B. Hallaq Feb 2013
The Kentucky state constitution. Robert M. Ireland Feb 2013
The law, principles, and practice of legal ethics. Victoria Vuletich Feb 2013
The little book of boating law. Cecil C. Kuhne Feb 2013
The nature of legislative Intent. Richard Ekins Feb 2013
The new kinship: constructing donor-conceived families. Naomi R. Cahn Feb 2013
The Patriot War along the New York-Canada border: raiders and rebels. Shaun J. McLaughlin Feb 2013
The rights of the accused under the Sixth Amendment: trials, presentation of evidence, and confrontation. Paul Marcus Feb 2013
The three and a half minute transaction: boilerplate and the limits of contract design. Mitu Gulati Feb 2013
The travaux preparatoires of the crime of aggression. Stefan (ed.) Barriga Feb 2013
Thomas Aquinas and the philosophy of punishment. Peter Karl Koritansky Feb 2013
Thrive: [a new lawyer's guide to law firm practice]. Desirée Moore Feb 2013
True crime online: shocking stories of scamming, stalking, murder, and mayhem. Jayne A. Hitchcock Feb 2013
Twitter in one hour for lawyers. Jared Correia Feb 2013
U.S. patent prosecutor's desk reference. Joshua P. Graham Feb 2013
Understanding Jewish law. Steven H. Resnicoff Feb 2013
Understanding nonprofit and tax exempt organizations. Nicholas P. Cafardi Feb 2013
Understanding student rights in schools: speech, religion, and privacy in educational settings. Bryan R. Warnick Feb 2013
Yamashita's ghost: war crimes, MacArthur's justice, and command accountability. Allan A. Ryan Feb 2013

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