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New Books (Added October, 2012)

October 2012

Title Author Added
A wilderness of error: the trials of Jeffrey MacDonald. Errol Morris Oct 2012
Adventures in electronic discovery. Ralph Losey Oct 2012
Antitrust and the Supreme Court. David Ramsey Oct 2012
Bio-objects: life in the 21st century. Niki Vermeulen Oct 2012
Cloud computing for lawyers. Nicole Black Oct 2012
Corporal punishment around the world. Matthew Pate Oct 2012
Cultural property: a legal research guide. Rebecca Lutkenhaus Oct 2012
Declaring war: Congress, the president, and what the Constitution does not say. Brien Hallett Oct 2012
Early neutral evaluation. Wayne Brazil Oct 2012
Finding English law: key titles for non-UK lawyers and researchers. John Eaton Oct 2012
Fundamentals of Roman private law. George Mousourakis Oct 2012
Gender and justice: why women in the judiciary really matter. Sally Kenney Oct 2012
Global sukuk and Islamic securitization market: financial engineering and product innovation. Muhammad al-Bashir Muhammad Al-Amine Oct 2012
Guide to U.S. government practice on global sharing of personal information. John Kropf Oct 2012
How to find out anything: from extreme Google searches to scouring government documents, a guide to uncovering anything about everyone and everything. Don MacLeod Oct 2012
Human dignity in bioethics and law. Charles Foster Oct 2012
In search of Sacco and Vanzetti: double lives, troubled times, and the Massachusetts murder case that shook the world. Susan Tejada Oct 2012
Institutional foundations of impersonal exchange: theory and policy of contractual registries. Benito Arrunada Oct 2012
International antitrust litigation: conflict of laws and coordination. Jurgen Basedow (ed.) Oct 2012
Inventing God's law: how the covenant code of the Bible used and revised the laws of Hammurabi. David Wright Oct 2012
Islam and literalism: literal meaning and interpretation in Islamic legal theory. R Gleave Oct 2012
Islam and literalism: literal meaning and interpretation in Islamic legal theory. R Gleave Oct 2012
Islamic veiling in legal discourse. Anastasia Vakulenko Oct 2012
Islamic veiling in legal discourse. Anastasia Vakulenko Oct 2012
John Wayne Gacy: defending a monster. Sam Amirante Oct 2012
Law's evolution and human understanding. Laurence Claus Oct 2012
Law, religious freedoms and education in Europe. Myriam Hunter-Henin (ed.) Oct 2012
Legitimating the law: the struggle for judicial competency in early national New Hampshire. John Reid Oct 2012
My life as a quant: reflections on physics and finance. Emanuel Derman Oct 2012
Plessy v. Ferguson. Thomas Davis Oct 2012
Practical guide to environmental management. Frank Friedman Oct 2012
Prigg v. Pennsylvania: slavery, the Supreme Court, and the ambivalent constitution. H. Robert Baker Oct 2012
Privacy, confidentiality, and health research. William Lowrance Oct 2012
Racial disparities in capital sentencing: prejudice and discrimination in the jury room. Jamie Flexon Oct 2012
Raising capital on Arab equity markets: legal and juridical aspects of Arab securities regulation. Lu'ayy al-Rimawi Oct 2012
Regulatory breakdown: the crisis of confidence in U.S. regulation. Cary Coglianese (ed.) Oct 2012
Student First Amendment speech and expression rights: armbands to bong HiTS. Chace Ramey Oct 2012
The effect of jurors' race on their response to scientific evidence. Stephanie Albertson Oct 2012
The essentials of patent claim drafting. Morgan Rosenberg Oct 2012
The freelance lawyering manual: what every lawyer needs to know about the new temporary attorney market. Kimberly Alderman Oct 2012
The impeachment of Governor Sulzer: a story of American politics. Matthew Lifflander Oct 2012
The nanotechnology challenge: creating legal institutions for uncertain risks. David Dana (ed.) Oct 2012
The Oxford handbook of comparative constitutional law. Michel Rosenfeld (ed.) Oct 2012
The rule of law and the measure of property. Jeremy Waldron Oct 2012
The Supreme Court and McCarthy-era repression: one hundred decisions. Robert Lichtman Oct 2012
This is not civil rights: discovering rights talk in 1939 America. George Lovell Oct 2012
Without fear or favor: judicial independence and judicial accountability in the states. G. Alan Tarr Oct 2012
Word origins for lawyers. Rick Autry Oct 2012
A history of environmental politics since 1945. Samuel Hays Oct 2012
A judge's advice: 50 years on the bench. Ruggero Aldisert Oct 2012
A theory of deference in administrative law: basis, application and scope. Paul Daly Oct 2012
Abortion under state constitutions: a state-by-state analysis. Paul Linton Oct 2012
Assessing the legacy of the ICTY. Richard Steinbar (ed.) Oct 2012
Better than human: the promise and perils of enhancing ourselves. Allen Buchanan Oct 2012
Bio-privacy: privacy regulations and the challenge of biometrics. Nancy Yue Liu Oct 2012
Buying America from the Indians: Johnson v. McIntosh and the history of native land rights. Blake Watson Oct 2012
Child exploitation and trafficking: examining the global challenges and U.S. responses. Virginia Kendall Oct 2012
Child sex trafficking in the United States. Jeff Higgins (ed.) Oct 2012
Civil actions for uncivilized acts: the adjudicative jurisdiction of common law courts in transnational human rights proceedings. Francois Larocque Oct 2012
Clarence Darrow: attorney for the damned. John Farrell Oct 2012
Constitutional paradigms and the stability of states. Noel Cox Oct 2012
Consumer law: a legal research guide. Lee Peoples Oct 2012
Copyright, communication and culture: towards a relational theory of copyright law. Carys Craig Oct 2012
Courtwatchers: eyewitness accounts in Supreme Court history. Clare Cushman Oct 2012
Critical race theory: an introduction. Richard Delgado Oct 2012
Crossroads of intellectual property: intersection of intellectual property and other fields of law. Ana Ramalho (ed.) Oct 2012
Debating euthanasia. Emily Jackson Oct 2012
Earth rising: American environmentalism in the 21st century. Philip Shabecoff Oct 2012
Effective lawyering: a checklist approach to legal writing and oral argument. Austen Parrish Oct 2012
EU law and private international law: the interrelationship in contractual obligations. Jan-Jaap Kuipers Oct 2012
Executive guide to managing disputes. Gary Kaplan Oct 2012
Failed evidence: why law enforcement resists science. David a. Harris Oct 2012
Families in crisis in the Old South: divorce, slavery, and the law. Loren Schweninger Oct 2012

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