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New Books (Added August, 2012)

August 2012

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A guide to the Federal Tort Claims Act. Paul Figley Aug 2012
A neofederalist vision of TRIPS: the resilience of the international intellectual property regime. Graeme Dinwoodie Aug 2012
A theory of unborn life: from abortion to genetic manipulation. Anja Karnein Aug 2012
ABA standards for criminal justice: treatment of prisoners. Aug 2012
Aftermath: deportation law and the new American diaspora. Dan Kanstroom Aug 2012
At liberty to die: the battle for death with dignity in America. Howard Ball Aug 2012
Attacking and defending marital agreements. Brett R. Turner & Laura W. Morgan Aug 2012
Before the paper chase: the scholarship of law school preparation and admissions. Tim Garrison & Frank Guliuzza (ed.) Aug 2012
Best practices for data protection and privacy: leading lawyers on creating a data protection strategy, dealing with security breaches, and analyzing recent trends in legislation. Aug 2012
Best practices for supporting adjunct faculty. Richard Lyons (ed.) Aug 2012
Blocking the courthouse door: how the Republican Party and its corporate allies are taking away your right to sue. Stephanie Mencimer Aug 2012
Brandeis at 150: the Louisville perspective: a sesquicentennial commemoration. Aug 2012
Burdens of proof: cryptographic culture and evidence law in the age of electronic documents. Jean-Francois Blanchette Aug 2012
Child victims and restorative justice: a needs-rights model. Tali Gal Aug 2012
Client science: advice for lawyers on counseling clients through bad news and other legal realities. Marjorie Corman Aaron Aug 2012
Climate change liability: transnational law and practice. Richard Lord Aug 2012
Collateral knowledge: legal reasoning in the global financial markets. Annelise Riles Aug 2012
Communists and perverts under the palms: the Johns Committee in Florida, 1956-1965. Stacy Braukman Aug 2012
Contracts for the international sale of goods: applicability and applications of the 1980 United Nations Sales Convention. Franco Ferrari Aug 2012
Copyright law and the progress of science and the useful arts. Alina Ng Aug 2012
Crimes against the state: from treason to terrorism. Michael Head Aug 2012
Criminal justice ethics: theory and practice. Cyndi Banks Aug 2012
Domestic violence and international law. Bonita Meyersfeld Aug 2012
Effectively representing your client before the IRS: a practical manual for the tax practitioner with sample correspondence and forms. Keith Fogg (ed.) Aug 2012
Employment contracts in private international law. Louise Merrett Aug 2012
Environmental governance and sustainability. Paul Martin Aug 2012
European contract law and the welfare state. Jacobien Rutgers (ed.) Aug 2012
Everyday environmentalism: law, nature & individual behavior. Jason Czarnezki Aug 2012
Evolution in investment treaty law and arbitration. Chester Brown & Kate Miles (ed.) Aug 2012
Exporting the matrix: the campaign to reform media laws abroad. Richard Winfield (ed.) Aug 2012
Failing law schools. Brian Z. Tamanaha Aug 2012
Formulas for calculating damages. Mark Guralnick Aug 2012
Freedom of information reform in China: information flow analysis. Weibing Xiao Aug 2012
From goods to a good life: intellectual property and global justice. Madhavi Sunder Aug 2012
Gaming law in a nutshell. Walter T. Champion & I. Nelson Rose Aug 2012
Global sales and contract law. Ingeborg Schwenzer (ed.) Aug 2012
Henry Ford's war on Jews and the legal battle against hate speech. Victoria Saker Woeste Aug 2012
Human rights diplomacy: contemporary perspectives. Michael O'Flaherty (ed.) Aug 2012
I respectfully dissent: a biography of Edward H. Nakamura. Tom Coffman Aug 2012
In the ring: the trials of a Washington lawyer. Robert Bennett Aug 2012
International military missions and international law. Marco Odello & Ryszard Piotrowicz (ed.) Aug 2012
Interop: the promise and perils of highly interconnected systems. John Palfrey Aug 2012
Interpretations of law and ethics in Muslim contexts. Aptin Khanbaghi (ed.) Aug 2012
Journey toward justice. Dennis Fritz Aug 2012
Keeping secrets: a practical introduction to trade secret law and strategy. Darin Snyder Aug 2012
Killing McVeigh: the death penalty and the myth of closure. Jody Lynee Madeira Aug 2012
Life without parole: America's new death penalty? Charles J. Ogletree Jr. & Austin Sarat Aug 2012
Limited government and the Bill of Rights. Patrick Garry Aug 2012
Loving v. Virginia in a post-racial world: rethinking race, sex, and marriage. Kevin Noble Maillard & Rose Cuison Villazor (ed.) Aug 2012
Medieval legal process: physical, spoken and written performance in the Middle Ages. Mostert Marco (ed.) Aug 2012
Mortals with tremendous responsibilities: a history of the United States District Court for the eastern district of Pennsylvania. Harvey Bartle Aug 2012
Not guilty: are the acquitted innocent? Daniel Givelber Aug 2012
Papa's baby: paternity and artificial insemination. Browne Lewis Aug 2012
Politics, labor, and the war on big business: the path of reform in Arizona, 1890-1920. David Berman Aug 2012
Power, politics, and universal health care: the inside story of a century-long battle. Stuart Altman Aug 2012
Production of legal rules. Francesco Parisi (ed.) Aug 2012
Relocating the law of geographical indications. Dev Gangjee Aug 2012
Rethinking criminal law theory: new Canadian perspectives in the philosophy of domestic, transnational, and international criminal law. Francois Tanguay-Renaud (ed.) Aug 2012
Rethinking patent law. Robert Feldman Aug 2012
Rule of law dynamics: in an era of international and transnational governance. Michael Zurn (ed.) Aug 2012
Solo by choice, the companion guide: 34 questions that could transform your legal career. Carolyn Elefant Aug 2012
Sonia Sotomayor: a biography. Meg Greene Aug 2012
Sovereign finance and the poverty of nations: odious debt in international law. Yvonne Wong Aug 2012
The arrest of ships in private international law. Veronica Ruiz Abou-Nigm Aug 2012
The art of practicing law: talking to clients, colleagues and others. James M. Kramon Aug 2012
The attorney-client privilege in civil litigation: protecting and defending confidentiality. Vincent Walkowiak (ed.) Aug 2012
The creative artist's legal guide: copyright, trademark, and contracts in film and digital media production. William Seiter Aug 2012
The criminalization of abortion in the West: its origins in medieval law. Wolfgang Muller Aug 2012
The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: from legislation to implementation to litigation. Susan A. Berson and Dave Berson Aug 2012
The economic dynamics of law. David Driesen Aug 2012
The ethics of capital punishment: a philosophical investigation of evil and its consequences. Matthew Kramer Aug 2012
The future of Indian and federal reserved water rights: the Winters Centennial. Barbara Cosens (ed.) Aug 2012
The harm in hate speech. Jeremy Waldron Aug 2012
The ideal place-- for the establishment of a great law school: history of the Washburn Law School, 1903-2003. James Concannon Aug 2012
The law of class action: fifty-state survey, 2011-2012. Elizabeth Cabraser & Fabrice Vincent (ed.) Aug 2012
The Oxford handbook of language and law. Peter Tiersma (ed.) Aug 2012
The right of nonuse. Jan Laitos Aug 2012
The SAGE handbook of corporate governance. Douglas Branson (ed.) Aug 2012
The TDR handbook: designing and implementing successful transfer of development rights programs. Arthur Nelson Aug 2012
Thinking, fast and slow. Daniel Kahneman (ed.) Aug 2012
Thurgood Marshall: a biography. Glen Starks Aug 2012
Transitions: legal change, legal meanings. Austin Sarat (ed.) Aug 2012
Unfair to genius: the strange and litigious career of Ira B. Arnstein. Gary Rosen Aug 2012
Unimaginable atrocities: justice, politics, and rights at the war crimes tribunals. William Schabas Aug 2012
When states go broke: the origins, context, and solutions for the American states in fiscal crisis. Peter Conti-Brown (ed.) Aug 2012
Where the money goes: understanding litigant expenditures for producing electronic discovery. Nicholas Pace Aug 2012

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