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New Books (Added July, 2012)

July 2012

Title Authorsort icon Added
Transitional Justice Melissa Williams (ed.) Jul 2012
Presidents and civil liberties from Wilson to Obama: a story of poor custodians. Samuel Walker Jul 2012
Genetic data and the law: a critical perspective on privacy protection. Mark Taylor Jul 2012
Justice, institutions, and luck: the site, ground, and scope of equality. Kok-Chor Tan Jul 2012
Endowed by our creator: the birth of religious freedom in America. Michael Meyerson Jul 2012
The U.S. women's jury movements and strategic adaptation: a more just verdict. Holly McCammon Jul 2012
Creating the administrative constitution: the lost one hundred years of American administrative law. Jerry Mashaw Jul 2012
Islamic divorce in North America: a Shari'a path in a secular society. Julie Macfarlane Jul 2012
Summoned to the Roman courts: famous trials from antiquity. Detlef Liebs Jul 2012
Plessy v. Ferguson: race and inequality in Jim Crow America. Williamjames Hoffer Jul 2012
Thirteen ways to steal a bicycle: theft law in the information age. Stuart Green Jul 2012
Targeted killings: law and morality in an asymmetrical world. Claire Finkelstein (ed.) Jul 2012
ANDA litigation: strategies and tactics for pharmaceutical patent litigators. Kenneth Dorsney (ed.) Jul 2012
Confidentiality, transparency, and the U.S. civil justice system. Joseph Doherty (ed.) Jul 2012
Questions & answers: business associations: multiple-choice and short-answer questions and answers. Douglas Branson Jul 2012
The Solicitor General and the United States Supreme Court: executive branch influence and judicial decisions. Ryan Black Jul 2012
Felony murder. Guyora Binder Jul 2012
Reflections on slavery and the Constitution. George Anastaplo Jul 2012
Narratives of Islamic legal theory. Rumee Ahmed Jul 2012

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