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New Books (Added June, 2012)

June 2012

Titlesort icon Author Added
Why labor organizing should be a civil right: rebuilding a middle-class democracy by enhancing worker voice. Richard D. Kahlenberg Jun 2012
Waiving our rights: the personal data collection complex and its threat to privacy and civil liberties. Orlan Lee Jun 2012
The woman who dared to vote: the trial of Susan B. Anthony. N.E.H. Hull Jun 2012
The science of attorney advocacy: how courtroom behavior affects jury decision making. Jessica Findley Jun 2012
The rise and fall of war crimes trials: from Charles I to Bush II. Charles Smith Jun 2012
The legal foundation of the thirteen original American colonies. Sandy Costa (ed.) Jun 2012
The European Social Charter. Carole Benelhocine Jun 2012
The Clean Air Act Handbook Julie Domike (ed.) Jun 2012
The associate as rainmaker: building your business brain. David Keller Jun 2012
The ABA checklist for family heirs: a guide to family history, financial plans, and final wishes. Sally Balch Hurme Jun 2012
Supreme myths: why the Supreme Court is not a court and its justices are not judges. Eric Segall Jun 2012
Substance and procedure in private international law. Richard Garnett Jun 2012
Separation of powers in theory and practice: an international perspective. L.E. de Groot-van Leeuwen Jun 2012
Rendition to torture. Alan Clarke Jun 2012
Our iceberg is melting: changing and succeeding under any conditions. John Kotter Jun 2012
Oregon plans: the making of an unquiet land use revolution. Sy Adler Jun 2012
New directions in judicial politics. Kevin McGuire (ed.) Jun 2012
New challenges for the UN human rights machinery: what future for the UN treaty body system and the Human Rights Council procedures? M. Cherif Bassiouni (ed.) Jun 2012
Moynihan's introduction to the law of real property: an historical background of the common law of real property and its modern application. Sheldon Kurtz Jun 2012
Living legislation: durability, change, and the politics of American lawmaking. Jeffrey Jenkins (ed.) Jun 2012
Legal stagings: the visualization, medialization and ritualization of law in language, literature, media, art and architecture. Kjell Modeer (ed.) Jun 2012
Legal education in the digital age. Edward Rubin (ed.) Jun 2012
Lawyers in practice: ethical decision making in context. Leslie Levin (ed.) Jun 2012
Law books in action: essays on the Anglo-American legal treatise. Angela Fernandez (ed.) Jun 2012
International law, US power: the United States' quest for legal security. Shirley Scott Jun 2012
Implicit racial bias across the law. Justin Levinson (ed.) Jun 2012
Ideology, psychology, and law. Jon Hanson (ed.) Jun 2012
Human rights of Roma and Travellers in Europe. Jun 2012
Hollywood's copyright wars: from Edison to the Internet. Peter Decherney Jun 2012
Health care reform and American politics: what everyone needs to know. Lawrence Jacobs Jun 2012
Hangin' times in Fort Smith: a history of executions in Judge Parker's court. Jerry Akins Jun 2012
Forgiveness and retribution: responding to wrongdoing. Margaret Holmgren Jun 2012
Family law in perspective. Walter Wadlington Jun 2012
Elbert Parr Tuttle: chief jurist of the Civil Rights revolution. Anne Emanuel Jun 2012
Do the crime, do the time: juvenile criminals and adult justice in the American court system. G. Larry Mays Jun 2012
Corporate governance after the financial crisis. P.M. Vasudev (ed.) Jun 2012
Constructing intellectual property. Alexandra George Jun 2012
Building the judiciary: law, courts, and the politics of institutional development. Justin Crowe Jun 2012
Biopatent law: patent strategies and patent management. Andreas Hubel Jun 2012
Animals confined for human benefit: a legal research guide. Stefanie Pearlman Jun 2012
An introduction to property theory. Gregory Alexander Jun 2012
Aggression and International Criminal Law. Donja de Ruiter (ed.) Jun 2012

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