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New Books (Added February, 2012)

February 2012

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Trial advocacy for the child welfare lawyer :telling the story of the family. Marvin Ventrell Feb 2012
The vantage of law :its role in thinking about law, judging and bills of rights. James Allan Feb 2012
The twilight of constitutionalism? Peter Dobner (ed.) Feb 2012
The responsibility to protect :implementation of Article 4(h) intervention. Dan Kuwali Feb 2012
The new law of peaceful protest: rights and regulation in the Human Rights Act era. David Mead Feb 2012
The lawyer's guide to Microsoft Word 2010. Ben Schorr Feb 2012
The law ends where the port area begins: on the anomalies of port law. E. van Hooydonk Feb 2012
The future of African customary law. Jeanmarie Fenrich (ed.) Feb 2012
The evolution of a nation: how geography and law shaped the American states. Daniel Berkowitz Feb 2012
The clergy sexual abuse crisis: reform and renewal in the Catholic community. Paul Dokecki Feb 2012
The challenge of transnational private regulation: conceptual and constitutional debates. Colin Scott (ed.) Feb 2012
Starting off right in law school. Carolyn Nygren Feb 2012
Savonarola: the rise and fall of a Renaissance prophet. Donald Weinstein Feb 2012
Restorative justice for Niger Delta. Kekong Bisong Feb 2012
Religion, education and the state: an unprincipled doctrine in search of moorings. Mark Philip Strasser Feb 2012
Privileging the press: confidential sources, journalism ethics and the First Amendment. Jason Shepard Feb 2012
Pleasing the court: writing ethical and effective briefs. Judith Fischer Feb 2012
Perspectives on commercializing innovation. F. Scott Kieff (ed.) Feb 2012
Mothers on trial: the battle for children and custody. Phyllis Chesler Feb 2012
Modern European and Chinese contract law: a comparative study of party autonomy. Junwei Fu Feb 2012
Legal gridlock: a critique of the American legal system. Thomas Fischer Feb 2012
Law and private life in the Middle Ages: proceedings of the Sixth Carlsberg Academy Conference on Medieval Legal History 2009. Per Andersen (ed.) Feb 2012
Islamic natural law theories. Anver Emon Feb 2012
Inconceivable: a medical mistake, the baby we couldn't keep, and our choice to deliver the ultimate gift. Carolyn Savage Feb 2012
Idea rights: a guide to intellectual property. H. Clarke Anawalt Feb 2012
Guide to ICSID arbitration. Lucy Reed Feb 2012
For whom the whistle blows: advancing corporate compliance and integrity efforts in the era of Dodd-Frank. Michael Greenberg (ed.) Feb 2012
Elusive equality: women's rights, public policy, and the law. Susan Mezey Feb 2012
Due process and international terrorism. Roza Pati Feb 2012
Data protection in EU and US criminal cooperation: a substantive law approach to the EU internal and transatlantic cooperation in criminal matters between judicial and law enforcement authorities. Els de Busser Feb 2012
Dangerous people: policy, prediction, and practice. Bernadette McSherry Feb 2012
Creativity, law and entrepreneurship. Shubha Ghosh Feb 2012
Constitution 3.0: freedom and technological change. Jeffrey Rosen (ed.) Feb 2012
Comparative income taxation: a structural analysis. Hugh Ault Feb 2012
Combating economic crimes: balancing competing rights and interests in prosecuting the crime of illicit enrichment. Ndiva Kofele-Kale Feb 2012
Church and state in Western society: established church, cooperation and separation. Edward Eberle Feb 2012
Are human rights for migrants?: critical reflections on the status of irregular migrants in Europe and the United States. Marie-Benedicte Dembour (ed.) Feb 2012
Affect and legal education: emotion in learning and teaching the law. Paul Maharg (ed.) Feb 2012
Acceding to the WTO from a least-developed country perspective: the case of Ethiopia. Markus Krajewski (ed.) Feb 2012

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