University of Pittsburgh

Graduate’s Responsibilities

  • Resolve any outstanding financial obligations with the University such as library fines, etc.
  • Students holding keys to the building or elevators need to make arrangements with the Deans’ office for key return.

Diplomas will not be mailed to students with outstanding financial obligations.

  • Attend the Financial Aid Exit Interview in Room 107 scheduled for either April 2, 2013 or April 4, 2013 from 12-1:00 p.m.
  • Clean out your locker. If you cannot personally attend to this matter, please ask a friend to remove the contents. Lockers must be completely emptied no later than May 31.  The Law School is not responsible for any contents found within your locker after May 31.  Anything left in your locker will be discarded.

E-Mail Account Termination

As a courtesy to the Class of 2013, the University will continue to maintain email accounts through August 2013. You will receive notification a few days prior to actual termination.

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