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Pitt Law presents:

Pitt Law Academy: There's More to Being a Lawyer than Just "the Law": Lawyers as Leaders

For 1Ls (2Ls and 3Ls are welcome, too)
January 17, 2013 - 4:30pm
University of Pittsburgh School of Law
3900 Forbes Avenue Room 111
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

The Law School presents its first Pitt Law Academy program for the second semester. This program is on the topic “There's More to Being a Lawyer Than Just ‘the Law’: Lawyers As Leaders.”

The five panelists who will be speaking on Thursday are extraordinary. They are, honestly, an amazingly accomplished, powerful, and influential group of lawyers (and one judge, and one former judge). And each of them is incredibly colorful and interesting, too. Really, we should be charging you $50 a person to be able to come and listen to and meet these extraordinary people. But – special 2013 New Year’s deal – for Pitt Law students only, this program is absolutely free! (Ticket sales on Craigslist are strictly forbidden.)

Our panelists are:

• Colonel John G. Baker, Chief Defense Counsel of the Marine Corps, Washington, D.C.

• Rob Byer, Partner & Head, Appellate Division, Duane Morris, Pittsburgh & Philadelphia (and former Judge, Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court)

• Bill Caroselli, Partner, Caroselli, Beachler, McTiernan & Conboy, LLC, Pittsburgh

• Honorable Michael Fisher, U.S. Court of Appeals (Third Circuit) (and former Attorney General of Pennsylvania)

• Marlee Myers, Managing Partner & Co-chair, Technology Practice, Morgan Lewis, Pittsburgh

The Pitt Law Academy program is designed to assist you in thinking about life after law school. Well, one of the things you should recognize is that being a lawyer is – or at least it can be – about a lot more than “just” the law and legal practice. It’s about leadership, too.

Lawyers are leaders. It’s a fact. Lawyers play active and visible roles in virtually all of the important positions in our society, from working with community organizations to leading social movements to holding political office.

So just how do we go about training and inspiring you to be the next generation of lawyer-leaders? How exactly do we teach people to lead? Well, here’s one solution: Give each of you $75,000 in cash! Small bills. That should do it. You’ll agree to be a leader for 75 grand, right? Good idea, huh?

Unfortunately, . . . after some thought and an all-too-brief conversation with the dean, we’ve decided instead to use an alternate approach to teaching you about leadership: We’ll give you some real-world, inspirational role models to emulate! Voila! Our panel for Thursday.

These five panelists have “made it.” Big time! They are not only tremendously successful lawyers (and a judge), but each of them has done more than that. Much more than that. They each have become leaders in our community, in this state, and in this country. Not meaning to add any more pressure on you than already exists, but we’re expecting some of you to become powerful and influential, too. And soon. But, not to worry, we’ll give you at least 2 years running start after Law School before we expect you to lead anyone other than your spouse, partner, roommate, yoga class, or pet.

Our five panelists on Thursday will talk about what leadership really means for lawyers. What’s inevitable. What’s likely. What’s possible. They will offer you some advice on what you might be doing and thinking about right now and later on if you have aspirations to reach positions of influence, like these five have. And they will tell you a little bit about how they themselves did it, too. They are not shy. You’ll see.

Finally, there will also be a fabulous reception following this presentation. There are rumors that Vogue, Interview, Vanity Fair, Entertainment Today, and the Farmer’s Almanac will be sending photographers to cover this event, so dress accordingly. Moreover, in exchange for your tuition dollars, we offer you in return not only world-class teaching and programs like Pitt Law Academy, but also . . . ta da . . . cookies, fruit, and punch. Oh, and water. We know how to lay out a spread.

So come and share a chocolate-chip cookie with one or more of these illustrious panelists! Come and meet and talk to some of the people whose careers may someday intersect with your own (or that you may someday replace, who knows?). For networking purposes, we might add that Judge Fisher was a major figure in Republican Party politics in this state, and that Bill Caroselli is a major figure in Democratic Party politics in this state. Just saying. Future political position aspirants: please note.

2ls and 3Ls: Don’t miss the networking part of the description above. How many times do you get the opportunity to network over fruit punch and oatmeal raisin cookies? I know. I know. Not very often. You’re welcome.


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