University of Pittsburgh
Term: Spring Term 2010-11
Catalog Number: 5958
Class Schedule:
  • Instructor: Marc Silverman
    Type: Practicum
    Credits: 1.0 Credit
    Catalog Requirements: "W" Writing, Professional Skills.
    Enrollment Limit: 5.
    Priority: General Enrollment Course

    Course Description from Course Catalog 5958

    Additional Info

    Students will be required to attend a mandatory orientation session at the beginning of the semester and to attend a minimum of three research-oriented, one hour classes during the semester.

    The Advanced Legal Research Class may be taken Concurrently with this Practicum.


    Students must complete forty (40) hours of research during the semester, write short (2-3 page) reaction papers reflecting on what they learned during their mandatory research classes and complete a ten page paper to receive credit for the course. All research hours must be worked at the Barco Law Library to receive credit for the class.

    Prerequisites and Recommended Courses


    1st Year Legal Analysis and Writing Class AND One upper level legal research classs (Foundations of Legal Research, Effective Research Strategies for the Practitioner or International & Foreign Legal Research) are required.

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