University of Pittsburgh

2010-2011 Academic Calendar

Spring 2011 Semester

Dates Days Event
January 4-8 Tuesday-Saturday Annual AALS Meeting, San Francisco, CA
January 10 Monday Spring Semester classes begin
January 10-14 Monday-Friday Final Add/Drop for Spring Semester
January 17 Monday Dr. Martin Luther King Day (no classes)
March 7-11 Monday-Friday Spring Recess (no classes)
March 11 Friday Spring Holiday (University closed)
March 14-25 Monday-Friday 2011-2012 Registration for Fall classes
March 28 - April 1 Monday-Friday Add/Drop for Fall classes
April 25 Monday Last Day of Classes
April 28 - May 11 Thursday-Wednesday (noon) Spring Semester Examinations
May 13 Friday Law School Graduation, 3 PM

Fall 2010 Semester

Dates Days Event
August 19 & 20 Thursday & Friday First-year student orientation
August 23 Monday Fall Semester classes begin
August 23-27 Monday-Friday Final Add/Drop for Fall Semester
September 6 Monday Labor Day (no classes)
September 29 - October 8 Wednesday-Friday Registration for Spring classes
October 11-15 Monday-Friday Add/Drop for Spring classes
November 24-26 Wednesday-Friday Thanksgiving Recess (no classes)(Univ. Closed Thursday and Friday)
November 30 Tuesday Friday Class Schedule
December 2 Thursday Last Day of Classes
December 6-17 Monday-Friday (noon) Fall Semester Examinations

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