University of Pittsburgh

This unique program was made possible by an endowment from John P. Gismondi, a 1978 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Mr. Gismondi is recognized as one of the premiere trial attorneys in western Pennsylvania, and he has also taught Trial Advocacy at the School of Law since the mid-1980s. In addition to providing his financial support, Mr. Gismondi personally designed each of the specialized courses in the program and also selected the instructors for them. He described his motivation in establishing this special opportunity for Pitt law students:

Trial lawyers are a special breed. They represent a small segment of the bar that shares a particular skill and passion for the drama of the courtroom. I wanted to create a unique "hands on" training program for those law students who aspire to do this type of work... an educational opportunity that would provide them with a spring board for reaching their fullest potential as a trial attorney... an experience unlike that offered at any other law school in the country. For me, there was no better place to create such a program than here at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Not only is it my alma mater and the place where I have taught Trial Advocacy for many years, but the school is located just minutes away from a large contingent of outstanding trial attorneys who can be enlisted as instructors to train future generations of trial attorneys.

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