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Semester in DC: Students

By participating in the Semester in D.C. Program, you gain a semester's hands-on experience practicing law in our nation’s capital, while you earn 13 credits toward graduation and fulfill two graduation requirements. As you are working in Washington as a full-time extern for a government or non-profit employer, you'll get real world training in your field, meet practicing attorneys, and learn about the incredible range of jobs in government agencies, on the Hill, and in lobbying firms, non-profit organizations, professional associations, and private firms and companies. The Semester in D.C. Program will get you out of the classroom and into the office. If you would like to work in Washington after graduation, or if you want to obtain experience in your specialty area during law school, the Semester in D.C. Program offers you a different kind of semester. 

With over 50 students placed since 2010, the Semester in D.C. Program allows students to takes advantage of the expertise and exceptional connections of Pitt Law’s alumni and faculty. To learn more about students’ individual experiences, explore our Alumni Spotlights.

We are here to support you as you prepare for your Semester in D.C.:

  • Start by consulting our FAQ page to learn about the basics of the Semester in D.C. Program.
  • Then, visit our Fellowships page to learn about potential financial aid assistance.  
  • To keep up to date with Semester in D.C. Program events, as well as D.C. externship and job announcements, join our LinkedIn and Facebook pages.
  • We also have five pdf downloads with practical information for you: an Externship (and Job) Placement Resources document with useful information for finding externships as well as summer internships and jobs;a DC Housing Guide; a sample syllabus from the D.C. Seminar; and two Pitt-password-protected Employer Lists: an SDC Employer List with websites, application information, and alumni contacts for externship employers with which we have connections; and an SDC Unaffiliated Employer Information document with the names and websites of other potential externship sites.


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