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Online LL.M. Degree

The Online LL.M. for Active Professionals

Graduates of the Master of Laws (LL.M.) program at the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Law hold important positions in government, NGO’s academia, and the private sector around the globe.  Pitt Law is excited to extend its LL.M. program through an online course delivery option. This option will offer Pitt Law’s highly regarded LL.M. degree through a collaborative learning platform that allows students to earn their degree on a part-time basis over two years. Students who are not able to devote a full year away from their jobs and homes now have the opportunity to gain an understanding of common law legal systems and international commercial law that will enhance their career opportunities.  By taking 6 credits per semester over two academic years, with the option of a two-week residential study program after the first year, students can take advantage of the opportunity to earn a Pitt Law LL.M. while minimizing the intrusion on their lives.  

The annual QS World University Rankings place the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Law among the top 30 law schools in the United States.  Pitt Law has a reputation for providing legal education programs for students at law faculties around the globe, and for building partnerships that enhance both legal education and the rule of law. 


Year One – The first year curriculum will include the following courses:


  • US Legal Analysis & Writing
  • Introduction to American law


  • Contracts
  • Business Enterprise Formation and Financing

Year Two – The second year curriculum will include courses such as:

  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Transnational Litigation
  • International Business Transactions
  • Commercial Transactions in Goods

Optional Two-Week Residential Component

Each student has the option after the first academic year to attend an intensive two-week residential program held in Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.  In addition to course work, students will visit important legal and political institutions in the United States, providing the opportunity to observe the institutions the students have studied and observe the practice of law in the United States.  

Pitt Law’s International Faculty

Professors Teresa Brostoff and Ann Sinsheimer – US Legal Analysis and Writing

Professors Brostoff and Sinsheimer have authored a leading book on teaching Legal English and US Legal Research. They have taught US Legal Analysis and Writing courses in numerous countries, including Bahrain, Belgium, Iceland, Japan, Kenya, Kosovo, Oman, Qatar, Serbia, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates. 

Professor Ronald A Brand – Introduction to American Law

Professor Brand is one of the few senior scholars teaching this basic LL.M. course at a U.S. law school.  He has taught and lectured throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and South America. He has also presented a Special Course at the Hague Academy of International Law.

Professor Haider Ala Hamoudi - Contracts

Professor Hamoudi is internationally known as a commercial law scholar steeped in comparative law foundations. His expertise in Islamic Law provides a perspective that allows him to communicate basic U.S. contract law principles clearly to an international audience.

Charles C. Cohen – Business Enterprise Formation and Financing

Mr. Cohen is a name partner at the international law firm Cohen & Grigsby P.C., based in Pittsburgh. He regularly teaches Corporate Law and Corporate Finance Courses, and brings together the theory and practice of business organizations to provide a full picture of the life of a business entity in the United States. 

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