You may earn up to four credits, at 52 hours of work per credit, for unpaid legal work performed for a judge, prosecutor or public defender, government agency, or nonprofit or public interest organization during the school year or summer. To be eligible to earn credit, you must follow the special enrollment procedures for the Externship course and complete classwork during each week of your Externship, in addition to working and verifying your Externship hours at an approved site. Email the Externship Program Co-Directors, Professor Elena Baylis at ebaylis@pitt.edu or Rochelle McCain, Director of Public Interest & Government Relations, at rrm44@pitt.edu, for more information about securing an externship.

Semester in D.C. Program

Spend the semester in Washington, D.C., working for a nonprofit or government agency and earn up to 13 credits. If you have any interest in working in D.C. or for a public policy organization after graduation, this program offers the opportunity to make contacts and gain intensive, hands-on experience in your field of interest. See the Semester in D.C. Program page for more information.