D.C. Externship

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Departmental Consent
Enrollment in this course requires special permission. See the enrollment Information for the section or contact the Registrar for more information.

The D.C. Externship is one component of the Semester in D.C. Program. The other component is the D.C. Seminar, which is described separately. Students must enroll in both the D.C. Externship and the D.C. Seminar in order to participate in the Semester in D.C. Program.

The D.C. Externship grants credit for a full-time, unpaid externship in Washington, D.C. with a government office or non-profit organization. The externship must consist of primarily law-related work, the student must be supervised by an attorney, the student must work on-site at the employer’s office, and the student must complete a minimum of 520 hours of work during the semester (35-40 hours per week for 13-15 weeks). The 10 externship credits will be ungraded and will be awarded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.

Students interested in participating in the Semester in D.C. Program should: (a) review the information on the Semester in D.C. Program webpage; (b) contact Prof. Baylis to discuss the program requirements and externship application process; and (c) contact the Registrar’s office for permission to register for this course and the D.C. Seminar after obtaining an externship position. Students who are interested in participating but have not yet secured an externship position should register for a regular courseload of classes. Upon accepting an externship, students can drop their other classes and add the D.C. Externship and D.C. Seminar.

Students may participate in the Semester in D.C. Program during the spring semester of their second year or during either semester of their third year.