Law, Entertainment and Social Enterprise Practicum

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Professional Skills
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Limited Enrollment - 3rd Year Priority

Law, Entertainment and Social Enterprise (“LESE”) will expose students to the legal knowledge, skills and roles entailed in the representation of a social entertainment enterprise. Students will gain a broad understanding of the operations of the entertainment industry and the intellectual, corporate and securities matters that permeate the industry. We will specifically use a case study of the Steeltown Entertainment Project ("Steeltown"), a local social entertainment enterprise that is dedicated to building a socially and commercially significant entertainment sector in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The course will involve cross-disciplinary and experiential learning and immersion opportunities. In LESE, students will acquire substantive knowledge, practical skills and role models needed by lawyers representing a social entertainment enterprise (“SEE”). Students will learn about social enterprise, entertainment, intellectual property, corporate and securities law. Students will work closely with practicing lawyers who represent or volunteer for the Steeltown Entertainment Works and other social entertainment enterprises in Southwestern Pennsylvania such as WQED, Family Communications and Pittsburgh Filmmakers. Students will gain a broad understanding of the business operations and legal needs of various social enterprise entertainment clients in the industry, including but not limited to incorporation, strategic alliances, licensing and venture capital.

Course Offerings 2015-2016

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Spring Term 2015-2016
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Course Offerings 2014-2015

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Spring Term 2014-2015 27211
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