LAW 5831: Current Issues in Health Law I (Spring Term)

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"W" Writing
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General Enrollment Course
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Standard Courses
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The purpose of this course is to increase the awareness of students in the Health Law Certificate Program to the rapidly changing health care industry and the equally rapidly changing field of health law. It is difficult, if not impossible, to understand the law regulating the health care industry without understanding the industry itself. Another purpose of the course is to expose students to a more in-depth treatment of selected topics than they can obtain in the basic survey course in Health Law and Policy. The course also exposes students to topics that are not covered in the basic course, providing a broader view of the field of health law, which helps in the selection of other course offerings and of a topic for the Faculty Supervised Writing Requirement. In addition, the course introduces students to the variety of settings in which lawyers are involved in health law and the range of kinds of clients they represent. Classes will be taught by leading experts in the fields of health management and health law practicing in Pittsburgh and elsewhere.

There is no book for the course, but students are required to purchase a subscription to a weekday national newspaper such as the Wall Street Journal or New York Times, or to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette or Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. The grade is based on 9 letters to the editor (maximum length of 250 words) that students write on some current issue in health law or policy.


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Spring 2014-15
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Spring 2013-14