Lawyering Process I: Interviewing and Counseling

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Professional Skills
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Limited Enrollment - 3rd Year Priority

This clinically-structured course is designed to provide students with theoretical understanding of and significant practical experience in the fundamental skills of client interviewing and counseling. Various approaches to the process will be examined in lectures, discussion and readings from selected texts and materials. Instructional videotaped segments showing lawyers interviewing and counseling clients at various stages of the process will permit the students to observe the performance of such skills (sometimes exemplary, sometimes problematical) by the professional. In terms of student skills practice, two types of exercise will be utilized:  weekly in-class simulations (student as lawyer/client/critiquer) and videotaped simulations. Students will prepare selected short written critiques of such simulations and a more detailed “memorandum to partner” providing assessment and recommendation for future action on the basis of a videotaped counseling session they will have conducted. Consistent attendance is required in order to insure the effectiveness of class simulated exercises.

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Fall Term 2015-2016 14035
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Spring Term 2015-2016
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