Lawyering Process Summer Clinic

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General Enrollment Course
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Students participating in this clinical course during the summer will be provided with skills training and the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of lawyering activities (interviewing, counseling, negotiation, drafting of documents and pleadings, representation of clients before Court and administrative agencies) in a controlled, supervised, instructional field-based program setting. Following initial orientation at the office, students will observe and thereafter participate in direct delivery of legal services to program clients. Cases assigned will primarily involve family law issues (divorce, protection from abuse, custody, dependency, etc.). Students will be closely supervised by an experienced staff attorney under the direction of the course instructor. Selected student work may be videotaped for later review and critique by supervisor and instructor. Clinical time at the field-based office will be supplemented with a weekly case review session at the law school. Scheduling of clinical hours will be adjusted to accommodate the student’s schedule. Transportation costs for travel to/from the office will be reimbursed. Students are encouraged to enroll in Lawyering Process I or II, since the focus of both such courses will provide skills support for the clinical experience. Enrollment is limited to 8 students.