University of Pittsburgh

Cyberspace and the Law

Catalog Number: 5404
3.0 Credits
Priority: General Enrollment Course

This course will examine legal and public policy issues that pertain specifically to the existence, operation, and governance of the network of networks that we call “the Internet” and the metaphorical experience that we sometimes refer to as “cyberspace.” What legal and policy problems are unique to the Internet and cyberspace? When and how should “ordinary” legal problems be treated differently if they concern the Internet or cyberspace in some respect? Specific topics are expected to include the construction and definition of the Internet; Internet governance, including domain name regulation and network neutrality; and network and information security. It is expected that the course will not consider intellectual property topics, freedom of expression topics, or jurisdictional (civil and criminal procedure) questions. The course will focus primarily on public policy questions wrapped up in legal questions, rather than on principles of law as such. A background in computer science and/or information technology will be useful but is not required.

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